Why are comprehensive management can not be separated from the 6 party sprinkler

Actually, in many cases, the City Council of many large and medium-sized cities tends to be frowned upon for such an issue as environmental protection. The main reason is that it is impossible to find a more appropriate and cost-effective sprinkler, and to integrate the cityscape issues. Remediation. In fact, the 6 party sprinkler is a great savior.


Afterwards, we would like to talk about the key effects of the 6-party sprinklers in the process of urban city governance. The first thing we need to know is that in the process of clearing the road environment, the 6-party sprinkler has adopted a balanced method of negative pressure air flow. It also cleans and absorbs all the stains on the road, as well as waste water. Therefore, in the process of working, when dealing with the road environment, different forms of water spray and spray may be selected for different road environments and for different traffic zones.

And it is worth mentioning here that the 6-way sprinkler's disk brush system is also very high-tech. First of all, the rotation angle of this system architecture is 360 degrees without dead ends, so it is possible to carry out all-around sorption for some corners of any road and some places that are difficult to detect. Therefore, the accuracy of dust removal is much higher than that of past sprinklers. And the market price of six-way sprinklers is also very low, only 70% of the price of ordinary sprinklers, and at the same time, the floor space and volume are also very small.

When clearing the urban environment, in many cases, some gardens and flower beds in the civic squares and some plants and flowers can also be used to water the plants in the six-way sprinkler , because the distance from the water column of the 6-way sprinkler It is quite long and well-balanced water supply, so the effective area for spraying is also a very large fan-shaped area. Therefore, in the process of watering gardens for people's plazas, the effect is also very strong. And in the process of handling dust and dust in the air, the effect is quite obvious. In addition, the driving room of the 6-way sprinkler also has a constant temperature system to control the temperature. Therefore, the temperature in the room is also not subject to any significant fluctuations for 365 days a year.

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