Introduction and use of mobile lighting vehicles

Mobile lighting cars are a type of car that all industries need. Important industries in some countries in China all play an important role, such as Sinopec, electric power, metallurgy, and some government agencies. The lighting car is suitable for any place, indoor and outdoor.


Then talk about the structural characteristics of the lighting car.

Illumination vehicles have a wide range of illumination, and the intensity of illumination is also large, and they can be both high beam and low beam. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that there are a total of four energy-saving and high-efficiency lamp heads for lighting vehicles. Because of this feature, lighting cars are particularly suitable for outdoor work and play an important role.

The maximum height of the lights can reach a height of about 4.5 meters, and four or so telescopic cylinders play an important role in achieving lift regulation. The lamp's lamp head can also manage its own area on its own, and the illumination radius of a light bulb has reached 30-50 meters, showing the power of the lamp.

The lights of the car can be directly connected to the 220V voltage lighting, but also in the absence of power directly in the power generation group to provide lighting, lights can work for 13 hours at a time in their own power supply.

The lighting is mainly a whole structure. His organization is a whole, such as lamp and light bulbs, cylinders and generators and so on. Its tires and generators have rail wheels at the chassis to facilitate work in potholes. The lighting is mainly to work on the construction site so that he can play an important role. Its material is made of all the high-quality metals. The reason for this is that it can be done in potholes and it can maintain its durability. It does not need to be replaced frequently, saving the government and the country a lot of money. The main ones can also make their own performance more stable.

The lighting car also has high-efficiency performance . The lighting car adopts floodlighting, which can make the lighting range wider, and can also achieve the adjustment of low beam and high beam, commonly known as floodlighting and spotlighting. The reason why this is because their own light bulbs are made of aluminum alloy die-casting, so it has such an effect.

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