Sanya: The tanker is running and running! Right rear fire!

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon on July 5th, a tank truck drove to the right rear wheel of the 223 State Road near Bamboo Village in Sanya and caught fire. The driver stopped the car and put out the fire with the 119 firefighters who heard the news.

According to reports, at 17 o'clock on July 5th, the command center of the Sanya fire brigade received an alarm and a tire of a tanker car was caught on fire near Zhucuk Village on the 223 State Road. After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately launched a plan to dispatch 10 fire engines from 3 fire squadrons in Yalong Bay, Haishu Bay and Special Service to the site for disposal.

After the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the investigation found that the location of the fire was a right rear wheel of a tanker carrying 24 tons of gasoline. Upon inquiry, the driver learned that the vehicle was catching fire when the right rear tire was in the process of driving. The driver immediately called the 119 telephone to call for help. Subsequently, the two drivers cooperated with firefighters to use an on-board water source and a fire extinguisher to fight the open flame and extinguish the open flame. After being investigated, firefighters ruled out tank leakage, and then informed the driver to contact Hainan Petrochemical technicians for assistance in disposal.

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