Barbed roses - tank truck

Do you understand why Xiaobian describes the tanker as a barbed rose? In fact, the tanker has always been a special vehicle that can only be used for a long time. As long as the tanker on the expressway is written with explosives, the drivers will avoid it. In many accidents, there are indeed many accidents caused by touching it. So what kind of problem points should the drivers of this kind of barbed rose car watch when they are driving?

One: basic safety precautions

(1) Workers must wear static clothing and shoes.

(2) The existence of spark-producing tools is forbidden.

(3) Operation prohibited during stormy thunderstorm days.

(4) Observe to prevent spillage.

(5) It is forbidden to repair the vehicle at the oil field.

(6) When a leak accident is discovered, all loading operations at the relevant loading point and adjacent loading locations should stop immediately.

(7) All valves that are open when unloading or under loading should be closed.

2. In order to prevent fire accidents in tank trucks , it is not permissible to tap parts on the tanker with metal objects in the exhaust pipe, muffler, pipeline leakage, or lead electrode breakage to prevent the generation of Mars. The factory tanker truck should be equipped with a special fire extinguisher, and should be installed with the tow subway chain and the avoidance pole. When the driver is driving, it is necessary to let the subway chain touch the ground; when refueling or draining, the shelter rod must be inserted into the wet ground.

Third, the fuel hole on the car should be tightly sealed, the oil drain valve, drain pipe should not be allowed to leak, the vent hole should be open, the oil pump oil filter should be cleaned frequently, and the two ends of the oil hose should be installed immediately after use. Cover, no dirt can enter.

Fourth, regular inspection of the traction oil in the power box, too little or impurities to replace the lubricating oil, if there is still a problem after the replacement of the lubricating oil, it is necessary to check the force of the box wear, dismantling, cleaning, replacement wear Machine parts.

Fifth, the ball valve through the medium should not be dirty, to protect the seal ring, improve the service life of the ball valve, the ball valve should not be long-term in a half-closed state, otherwise easy to make the tanker seal ring deterioration, in the traffic in the ball valve handle Should be closed.

Six, tanker refueling site, should be set to use a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 4mm2 copper core soft-stranded end connected to break the paint alligator-style clamps, special connection chucks, etc., in order to connect with the loading and unloading tank car body; and the other end The grounding device should be connected.

Seventh, the loading and unloading site of the ground balance, cranes, fuel guns, pipelines, etc. shall be connected and set up electrostatic grounding devices. Grounding resistance is not greater than 100ω. The resistance between the tank and the vehicle body must not be greater than 106ω. The resistance value of the conductive path between any two points in the metal pipeline or on the conductive parts inside the oil tank and on the end of the ground tape is not more than 5ω.

VIII. It is strictly prohibited to smoke and flammable materials near the tanker.

Hanging above eight is not taken lightly precautions, drivers and friends must be self-restraint in the use of tanker operations carried out, always observe whether the tanker accident happens! To reduce accidents that should not happen on the road.

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