Alfa Laval launches new waste heat recovery system

Alfa Laval's Aalborg XS-TC7A Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) economizer, designed for marine auxiliary engines, has proven to be beneficial to many shipowners for decades after installation of a waste heat recovery system. It is natural for the ship's auxiliary machine to use waste heat in the next step. The Aalborg XS-TC7 waste heat recovery (WHR) economizer can become a reality. The product has been well received by the shipping industry, and many large shipping companies are studying the possibility of installing the Aalborg XS-TC7A waste heat recovery economizer on board.
Thanks to the Alfa Laval Aalborg XS-TC7A Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) economizer, the auxiliary boiler can keep the ship's steam demand and the cost is greatly reduced. This new waste heat recovery economizer can fully provide or support ship steam requirements while the ship is sailing and mooring at the port, converting the waste heat from the ship's auxiliary machinery into usable energy and reducing carbon emissions.
The Alfa Laval Aalborg XS-TC7A Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) economizer helps reduce fuel-assisted boiler fuel costs due to its low footprint and low weight-to-weight ratio. After two years of sea trials, a major Danish shipping company has become the first company to install waste heat recovery (WHR) economizers after mainframes and auxiliary engines.
It is reported that the typical return on investment for installing waste heat recovery (WHR) economizers is within 12-18 months. In some cases it is only 6-8 months.

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