In order to let the child "born at the end of the day" born pregnant women "rebirth baby" popular

In order to let the child "born at the end of the day" born pregnant woman "rebirth baby" popular diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-22

December 21 is destined to be a special day. Some mothers rushed caesarean sections one day ahead of schedule, and some children gave birth one month ahead of schedule. As of 4:00 in the afternoon, about 100 "born babies" were born in urban areas.
"The situation of newborns is not affected by the 'last day' rumors," says Du Haiying, head nurse of Yantai Maternal and Child Health Hospital, who basically follows the laws of nature. Only a few expectant mothers who are preparing for a caesarean section have decided to advance several times. Day surgery.
In the maternity ward of Yantaishan Hospital, Ms. Ren received a caesarean section on the 20th. She said that although she does not believe in rumors of the end of the day, she thinks the baby is very meaningful on this day. Daddy Zhao, the child’s father, said, “Holding a baby to land on 'Noah's Ark' is safer than in his mother’s belly, and it’s a light one!”
"Not yet ready to be ready, the little guy was born." In another ward, Mr. Duan, who had just been father, scratched his head and said that his son was born more than one month earlier than the due date and was born 6:39 in the morning. Only five and a half pounds were born.
"Maybe you can't wait in the stomach and think about challenging the Doomsday." Ms. Xu, who was lying on the bed, said with a smile, the little guy really had a couple of challenges and succeeded.
Ms. Xu, who lives in Huili Town, Fushan District, also gave birth to her baby on the same day. "I can't hold on anymore. I drove to the hospital at 3 o'clock in the morning." Ms. Xu said that happiness was too sudden. Even the child's name was not thought well.
According to data from Obstetrics Hospital, Harbour Hospital, and Municipal Hospital, a number of hospitals show that from the morning of the 21st on the 21st to more than 4 pm, a total of 98 babies were born, and a majority of them were born. They were kindly called " Reborn baby."
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