Brief description of the working principle of the screw pump

Brief description of the working principle of the screw pump

1. The single-screw pump is a volumetric pump with internal rotation eccentrically rotating. The main components of the pump are: a single-screw rotor and a stator with a double screw which is usually made of elastic material. When the rotor is in the cavity When planetary rotation is performed around the axis of the stator, the closed wrist formed between the rotating stators is displaced along the rotor spiral; therefore, the medium is continuously, evenly, and constantly delivered from the suction inlet to the extrusion end. This feature, single-screw pump is particularly suitable for the following working conditions.

2. Delivery of high-viscosity media: According to the size of the pump can be transferred from 37000-200000 centipoise media.

3. Medium containing particles or fibers: The particle diameter can be 30mm ( no more than rotor eccentricity ) . The fiber length can be 350mm ( corresponding to a pitch of 0.4 rotor ) . Its content is generally up to 40% of the medium pit , and if the solid matter in the medium is a fine powder, a high content of 60% or more can also be transported.

4. It is desirable to use a single-screw pump for conveying when the delivery pressure is stable and the inherent structure of the medium does not like damage.

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