How to choose fire pump? Fire pump selection explain

How to choose the fire pump ? Fire pump is to use the system on fire pumps, fire pumps widely used, and therefore how to choose the fire pump is also plagued by a lot of people in the interior. Next, the world's factory valve network for everyone to explain in detail how to choose the fire pump.

Fire pumps As the name implies, the fire pump , according to different classification is divided into different types of its full seal, no leakage, corrosion-resistant features, widely used in environmental protection , water treatment , fire and other departments for pumping all kinds of liquid , Is to create a leak-free, non-polluting civilized workshops, civilized factories ideal pump.

How to choose a fire pump

Fire pump is divided into vertical fire pump and horizontal fire pump, the flow of liquid delivery is one of the important performance data of the fire pump selection, the flow of liquid delivery is directly related to the entire plant's production capacity.

Fire pump selection should be based on fire pump application engineering process, water supply and drainage requirements, from the liquid delivery volume, the device head, the nature of the liquid, the pipeline layout and operating conditions of operation to be considered from five aspects.

Pumps for fire protection system are divided into the following categories: Fire Sprinkler Pumps, fire hydrant pumps, fire pumps, fire booster pumps, according to the actual situation to be used. With the type of fire pump system are similar, but the head and flow are different.

Fire pump shaft seal selection

Pump seal with mechanical seal and packing seal in two forms, the mechanical seal is better, less likely to leak, while the packing seal easier to leak, and leakage, affecting the pump room environment .

In general, manufacturers have these two products, consumers can purchase according to different needs. However, the fire pump is not commonly used, the packing seal is good, regular inspection even a small amount of water leakage, the impact on the pump room is not large. Can be found in time and be replaced and adjusted.

If the mechanical seal pump, regular inspection difficult to find the problem, in case of fire accidents, Kai pump seal damage, will affect the pump work.

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