Chery Forklift Creates 30,000 Forklift Capacity Scale

Chery Forklift Truck is one of the important plates of Chery Heavy Industry. It is a modern new-type industrial vehicle manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The manufacturing base located in Wuhu Hi-tech Development Zone covers an area of ​​nearly 262 acres, with a total investment of over 600 million yuan. The company adhering to the concept of "science and technology changes the world and wisdom leads to the future" adheres to the "use of car technology and technology, production of forklifts, etc. "Construction Machinery Products", with "Customer Satisfaction" as the primary objective of product development, has developed a variety of tonnage internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, heavy-duty forklifts and other products, and organically combines product sales and after-sales service to provide users with The “six in one” full-service is the core of vehicle sales, operation and financing leasing, spare parts supply, after-sales service, information feedback and operation training.

In order to promote lean production management, Chery forklifts have rationally planned the layout and preparation of materials and structural workshops to shorten the logistics distance. The stock preparation workshop mainly undertakes the task of feeding, leveling, forming, and gold machining of forklift structural parts. According to different thicknesses, steel plate blanking can use CNC flame cutting machine, CNC precision plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine and other production equipment to cut materials, ensure the accuracy of blanking, improve production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption. Structural parts forming and processing select four-column hydraulic press, eleven-roll leveling machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shears, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC car boring machine and other large-scale process equipment to ensure the structural parts manufacturing quality and production efficiency.

The structure shop mainly undertakes assembly, welding, cleaning, and correcting manufacturing tasks of forklift truck frame systems, mast systems, overhead guards, and instrument frames. The workshops are from left to right, which are the frame assembly welding area, the mast assembly welding area and the small piece welding area. The welding production line of structural parts adopts 4 flexible welding production lines, which can adapt to the welding production of left and right fuel tanks, forks, internal and external gantry, and large tonnage gantry channels of forklift components. The robot used Panasonic welding robot, digital welding machine and control system from Japan. The robot body was combined with a six-axis toggle-type structure and a four-axis positioner to achieve linkage and welds of different angles were completed, which greatly improved the structure. Welding quality and process stability. Welding conveyor line process uses roller conveyors to use the upper and lower parts of the carriage to reduce the labor intensity of the frontline staff, ensure the quality of the workpiece, and improve the production efficiency.

In order to strictly implement the national laws and regulations concerning labor safety and hygiene and environmental protection, the entire project has met the national “three wastes” emission standards, industrial hygiene standards, and fire protection requirements. The joint production plant of Chery Forklift has added two structural coating production lines. , For the forklift truck frame system, gantry system and overhead guards, instrument frame painting operations, in addition to the weight of putty, spray paint to design a need to follow a smooth flow, reasonable layout of the principle of weight coating Line, and pay attention to the energy-saving measures of the equipment, and rational use of energy.

The assembly shop mainly undertakes the assembly of the complete assembly of the small-tonnage internal combustion forklift and electric forklift, the assembly of the gantry assembly, the components of the engine power transmission device, the tire rim assembly, and the instrument frame assembly, as well as the hydraulic components, electrical component assembly, and hydraulic component testing. Bridge box loading test, forklift performance test and supporting parts library. For the large parts such as the frame, the inner and outer gantry, the top guard, and the counterweight, which come out of the paint shop, they are transported through the suspension transport chain and the ground vehicles, and stored directly in the assembly storage area of ​​the workshop. The distribution of other outsourcing accessory materials is sent to the corresponding station according to the production batch by the accessory library. The supply of antifreeze, hydraulic oil and fuel is arranged near the tank area, and the centralized supply point can be set by fixed point and metering method.

Since entering the overseas market in 2011, Chery forklifts have established nearly 30 marketing service outlets in more than 10 countries and regions including Russia, Africa, Argentina, Asia Pacific and Brazil in just one year, and the number of exports has reached new heights. It highlights the rapid rise of Chery's forklifts in the international market. At the China-Africa Modern Agricultural Development Summit Forum held in the city not long ago, African guests visited the new Chery Forklift factory to observe and inspect the company's lean field production management and first-rate manufacturing processes. At the end of last year, Chery forklifts were awarded the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the Local Taxation Bureau, marking the gradual extension of the company to high-end products and has initially formed product advantages. In the construction machinery industry has established a good brand and corporate image.

After the formal production of the new Chery forklift plant, it will produce 10,000 units in a single shift and will form an annual output of 30,000 forklifts in 2-3 years. With lean on-site production management, first-class manufacturing processes and advanced management concepts, Chery’s forklift brands are constantly growing and continuously innovating in practice. Chery Forklift will enter China's forklift market in 3-5 years, and will become the leading brand of world-class logistics equipment in the future!

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