Sichuan earthquake amputee girl went to the United States for limbs

Sichuan earthquake amputation girl to the United States for the replacement of limbs rose send sender diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-08-01

On August 1st, Zhang Luwen, a girl from the Shizuoluo Water Town in Sichuan, who lost his right hand in the May 12 earthquake in Wenchuan, took the Hainan Airlines plane to the USA to replace the prosthetic limb with the care and help of caring people.
On the morning of the 1st, the reporter walked into the home of Zhang Luwen, a girl living in Luoshui Town, Shifang City. Zhang Luwen and his parents lived in a low-cost housing room, a small house, but very warm. In Lu Wen's small bedroom, the bed was full of rag dolls sent by friends. There were many reading books on the desk neatly. The English famous quote "Anyway, tomorrow is another day" stuck in the middle of the desk always inspired Lu Wen.
After the Wenchuan earthquake, the 11-year-old Lu Wen's right palm was forced to amputate due to severe pressure in the rubble. Peng Hong, a volunteer of the 512 Amputee Children's Aid Association that was preparing to help the children in the disaster area, accidentally met Zhang Luwen in the ward of the West China Hospital and decided to help her. Peng Hong contacted the USA Helping Hands Foundation through the Chinese-American Guo Xinliang and began his aid journey. “Zhang Luwen was the first disabled girl in the earthquake-stricken Sichuan area to go to the United States to replace the prosthetic limb. Today, she is going to the USA for the third time. The USA Helping Hands Foundation will fund Zhang Luwen to replace the prosthesis to 23,” said Peng Hong.
Since she went to the USA to install prosthetics, Zhang Luwen’s life and learning have undergone great changes. "After the prosthesis is installed, the child can also independently wash clothes, mop the floor and cook, which is convenient," said Lu Wen, Liang Qingfang. The reporter found a certificate in Zhang Luwen’s living room. "When Lu Wen returned from the USA, the progress in learning and other aspects was very fast. It was a certificate issued by Lu Wen at the 1st grade school to recognize progressive students," Liang Qingfang told reporters.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, Lu Wen, who had not been asleep all night, got up and began to groom and pack her luggage. “Before going to the USA, I spent 15 days specializing in folding 30 paper roses in one hand and preparing to give to those who once care about and helped myself. I also dedicated my uncle to help me Chinese American Guo Xinliang. New hometown tea," Zhang Luwen said with a smile.
Zhang Luwen's round-trip flight to the USA is provided free of charge by Hainan Airlines. In order to thank them, Zhang Luwen used his spare time to create a painting for Air Cole stewardesses, and attached a thank-you note. “It is you who have taught me that the greatness of a person’s life lies in the fact that ordinary love is embodied in the small things of life; I understand that the road of life cannot be merely chanting slogans and using results to prove oneself.” Lu Wen is Thank you for the letter.
After more than an hour's drive, the car soon arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu Foreign Airport. When parting, the mother and daughter embraced each other and shed tears of reluctance. "I am not able to personally accompany my children this time because of work. Lu Wen alone went to the USA to change her limbs." Liang Qingfang said with tears.
Peng Hong told reporters that after arriving in the USA, Zhang Luwen will reinstall prostheses at the "Swan Brothers" Children's Hospital in Boston on August 13. "In addition to changing the limbs, I would also like to take her to the University of Washington, Harvard University and other schools." Peng Hong hopes that this trip to the United States will help Zhang Luwen's future study.
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