Electromagnetic heat pump: a revolution in the field of pumps

Electromagnetic heat pump is a direct conversion of electromagnetic energy into heat and mechanical energy pump, electrified in the motor set, the rotor (impeller) alternating electromagnetic field, resulting in force and heat, motor, pump, boiler integration, can run The mechanical and thermal energy produced during the process is fully utilized and the electromagnetic heat energy is converted in a simple, integrated pump. Electromagnetic heat pump clever design, unique, high heat transfer rate, to create a thermal efficiency of 100%, the overall efficiency of the pump more than 100% of the world record. The Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Information Online search at home and abroad, to fill gaps at home and abroad, is an international initiative. Has now been the support of all levels of government and help, but also attracted the attention of experts at home and abroad and praise


No shaft drive, never leak, machine, pump, boiler integration, low noise, no vibration, corrosion, explosion-proof.

The main technical parameters:

1, thermal efficiency 100%

2, pump efficiency "100%

3, the amount of leakage = 0 (no shaft drive, never leak)

4, pump noise "47dB

Electromagnetic heat pump can be used with the boiler for heating company heating network heating supporting the use of traditional coal-fired boilers is conducive to the renovation, both environmentally friendly and energy saving; both transport medium, but also heating medium; never leak, low noise, to overcome The traditional boiler room pump leak serious, the shortcomings of noise; easy to install, safe and convenient to use; its significant energy-saving, environmental reform of great significance.

Electromagnetic heat pump is the upgrading of the pump used in the petrochemical industry, especially in the transport to be heated heating, flammable, toxic and harmful medium can show its advantages: both conveying medium, but also heating medium, never leak, Low noise, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof.

Electromagnetic heat pump can also be with the central air conditioning units, fan coil and other ancillary facilities, will be able to convert one hundred percent of electromagnetic energy into heat, no leakage, low noise. Electromagnetic heat pump with its environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and excellent performance in all parts of the rapid promotion, will form a new industry, to make new contributions to the benefit of society.

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine(we also call it dioxide laser) is a machine to marking, cutting or engraving on a wide range of materials (plastic, wood, metal, leather, glass...)  it have below advantage compared with plasma or water jet

1. Less noise

2. No tool wear and tool change

3. No distortion or warping on flexible and thin materials due to low heat input

4. full automated 

5. Smooth cutting edg

6. Save with closely nested patterns with narrow kerf width

7.low power consumption

8. safe

9. flexible operation

The most important thing is cheap. With those advantage, it can cut a wider range of materials.

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

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