New Strategic Coalition of Coal (Energy) Chemical Industry Technology Innovation Established

A new generation coal (energy) chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance formed by China Chemical Engineering Corporation, Tsinghua University, and Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. has recently signed an agreement in Beijing.

It is understood that modern coal chemical industry is a technology-intensive and investment-intensive industry, with diversification of gasification technology, product variety, long industrial chain, complex process, high technology content, high investment in development phase, and large industrial production scale With such characteristics, a single university, research institute, or enterprise can only carry out development work in one of the links or at a certain stage, and it is difficult to form a complete set of technologies for the entire process and a variety of industrial chains. After the establishment of a new strategic coalition for technological innovation in the coal (energy) chemical industry, the two parties will follow the principles of technological development, engineering technology, and key equipment manufacturing technologies. They will effectively integrate the technological innovation factors of production, research and development, and plan the tasks of technological development in a unified manner. Different stages of the chain are rationally divided to shorten the cycle of new technologies from the laboratory to the industrialization, and industrialized complete coal chemical technologies with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands are formed. Among them, colleges and universities will provide continuous support and talent guarantee for the alliance's technological innovation through the breakthrough of original innovation and cutting-edge technology. The domestic first-class engineering company will accelerate the transformation of technological achievements within the alliance to industrialization through the development of processes and engineering technologies. China's leading coal chemical companies will build an industrialization platform for the technological achievements of the alliance through continuous development needs and resource support. Equipment manufacturing companies with advanced manufacturing processes will, through their R&D manufacturing capabilities, produce the key equipment needed for the coalition for a new generation of coal (energy) chemicals. Their organic integration and effective integration will have an important influence and driving force on the development of China's coal chemical industry.

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