The first high-voltage transformer was successfully trial-produced in Baoding Tianwei

China's first DSP-260 MVA/800 kV main transformer has been successfully trial-produced in Hebei Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd., and its performance and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

According to the "Science Times" report, this 800 kV UHV transformer has completely independent intellectual property rights, and will also manufacture 14 similar products. Ding Qiang, chairman of Tianwei Group, said that the company's 15 DSP-260 MVA/800 kV main transformers for the hydroelectric generating units of the Laxiwa Hydropower Station of the Yellow River are the transformers with the highest voltage in domestic power plants and power stations. Install a single transformer in the world's highest altitude cavern. The total capacity of the transformers in this project is 3,900 megavolt-amperes, and the total value of sales contracts is more than 180 million yuan.

In 2005, Tianwei Baobian stood out among many bidders and became the first manufacturer in China's transformer industry to independently develop 800 kV generator transformers.

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