What are the advantages and features of the KZC30 digital high voltage insulation resistance tester? ?

KZC30 digital high voltage insulation resistance tester:

The digital high-voltage insulation resistance tester adopts 80C196 single-chip microcomputer as the control core, liquid crystal display, good man-machine interface, real-time clock control, and automatic measurement of insulation resistance, absorption ratio, and polarization index. The instrument has a large short-circuit current and can meet the requirements of large-scale equipment.

KZC30 Digital High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester Notes:

1. The instrument is a high-voltage test equipment, the human body can not directly contact the "L" end to avoid electric shock.

2. The instrument is a precision instrument and should be handled gently. It should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

When the measured object is less than the minimum limit or short circuit, the meter displays RXXXXXXMΩ. (The size of X is related to the voltage level)

KZC30 digital high voltage insulation resistance tester function and features:

1. The load characteristics are good. KZC30 digital high voltage insulation resistance tester has a stable DC 500V/1000V/2500V/5000V high voltage generator inside.

2. Do not need to zero when measuring. Easy to use and convenient.

3. The timing is accurate. The instrument starts to measure at the same time as the high voltage is generated and the measurement is taken, so the 15S, 60S, and 10m insulation resistance values ​​read are accurate.

4. Large capacity (large short-circuit current). The absorption current and the charging current are rapidly reduced, and a reliable insulation resistance value is measured 5. The anti-interference ability is strong. Because the instrument uses the single-chip microcomputer as the core, the error caused by the magnetic coupling is eliminated; a filter circuit is further adopted inside the instrument to eliminate the capacitive coupling between the charged device and the device under test. Therefore, the measurement is accurate 6. The perfect safety measure. After the end of the measurement, the high pressure output will be automatically stopped, and a long-term screaming will be sent for attention.

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