702 modified small waterplane catamaran, the first international use of steel and glass...

The "Customs 201G" small waterline catamaran designed by 702 was recently tested and delivered to the users on the coast of Guangdong. For the first time in the world, the ship has adopted a steel and glass-steel hybrid structure and installed a domestically assembled MTU8V396 diesel engine with a weight of more than 250 tons. Wu Yousheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary director of the 702th, and Cai Daming, party secretary, and other relevant experts participated in the trial and acceptance.

The parent “Customs 201” ship was delivered to Shenzhen Customs in 2001 and is mainly used for the smuggling and supervision of the three islands. In March of this year, the user proposed to modify the ship, requesting the change from a supervised ship to a traffic ship, using a central hollow design, modern navigation and communication facilities, adding VIP reception rooms, official meeting rooms and safety facilities, and being able to take around 20 crew members. . With the total weight increased by 18.3 tons, can the speed and safety of Customs 201G maintain its original level? Although the shipowners understand the technical strength of the 702, they still have to sign a pledge of 702.

In just over three months, all the personnel of the 702 small waterline catamaran development team did not bear the heavy burden, adhered to the principle of rigor and precision, and took every detail seriously, and every part required a pound. From the design plan to the simulation test, from the actual ship reconstruction to the process progress, the developer has completed the modification task after more than 100 days of careful work. According to estimates, the modified “Customs 201G” has increased the displacement by 13.3 tons compared with the original “Customs 201” ship while ensuring various technical parameters.

When “Customs 201G” greets the “test” in the sea area of ​​Sanmen Island in the South China Sea at 22 degrees north latitude, 16 degrees east longitude, 23 meters water depth and wave level 3, the speed is respectively at 2000 rev/min and 2100 rev/min. Up to 18 knots and 18.1 knots, an increase of 1 knot. The shipowner marveled at the stability and safety of the ship at 18 knots.

The successful modification of the “Customs 201G” small waterline catamaran marked the new design of the 702 small waterplane catamaran.

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