A group of multi-building meters in a hospital in Xi’an

A group of buildings in Xi'an, an electric meter box collective explosion fire diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-18

At 5:50 a.m. yesterday morning, in the courtyard of the Fourth Construction Engineering Company of Xi’an, the meter boxes in the three residential buildings suddenly burst into flames and exploded continuously, awakening the sleeping occupants. Some tenants hurriedly opened the door to prepare for escape. , but was retreated back by the smoke in the corridor.
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw on the scene that the No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 buildings in the residential area were built in parallel. The scene after each unit was swallowed by the fire was almost the same. The wall of the corridor was darkened and the meter was on. The box was charred, and most of the electricity meter inside was turned into carbon residue. The building was completely powered off and filled with a pungent smell. “At that time I was still asleep. Suddenly I heard a continuous buzz. The first reaction was to quickly pull down the switch in my home.” Mr. Fujit, who lives in Building 1, said that afterwards, he opened the door and saw the second floor and the third floor. The meter box between the building caught fire, and the flames continued to squint outwards. During this period, they also emitted a strong flash of light. Zhang, who lived upstairs, said that when he heard the movement, he and his wife got up and ran downstairs. However, when he opened the door, a black smoke rushed up and he couldn’t breathe. He only returned and closed. door. It was only after the fire brigade arrived and the fire was controlled that he learned that there was a collective explosion in the meter boxes in the three buildings.
This sudden fire caused many households to burn their electricity meters, and even home appliances could not escape. Master Wang, who lives in the third building, said: “When the fire broke out, the sockets at home all spewed Mars, and the lights flashed continuously for a few times. Afterwards, the master repairer of the Xi'an Power Supply Bureau's urban power supply branch said that the sudden ignition of the meter box was caused by a failure of the power supply equipment and the zero line of the distribution transformer was burned out, resulting in a sudden increase in the voltage. The current staff is Replacement of electricity meters by more than 60 households is expected to restore power supply at night. If households lose their appliances, they promise to give residents a say.
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