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On May 16, 2012, the "2012 Beijing International Road Transport, Urban Public Transport Vehicles and Parts Exhibition" was organized by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the China Academy of Highways and the Beijing Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The conference center was grandly held. The exhibition with the theme of "For safety, our actions" attracted a large number of vehicle and component companies. ZF has brought a large number of commercial vehicle parts and exhibits, including RL85EC independent suspension front axle, low floor electric drive axle AVE130 and other new products attracting attention.

ZF wheel-side electric drive low floor axles are the latest R&D innovations in the ZF axle business. They are mainly used in hybrid buses for both pure electric and series vehicles. A water-cooled three-phase asynchronous induction motor is built into each wheel end of the axle. Despite this, the AVE130 has almost the same mounting dimensions as a standard low floor axle. The low floor electric drive axle AVE130 can be used for the application of new energy vehicles such as hybrid, pure electric (fuel cell, power battery) or trolleybus. The mounting dimensions are in accordance with the standard low floor axle AV132/AVN132. Two water-cooled asynchronous motors are integrated on the wheel sides of the axle, respectively, making it easy to dispose the vehicle drive system. Pure electric vehicles using AVE130 can truly achieve zero emissions.

ZF booth

ZF booth

According to Zhan Ronghua, ZF's senior application engineer, the comprehensive application of ZF's independently suspended front axle on low-floor buses, low-entrance buses and road passenger buses in Europe has established and formalized the superiority of independent suspension axles. The RL85EC independent suspension front axle is designed and developed for the needs of Chinese customers and is manufactured in China in strict accordance with the requirements of European production technology. It can be used in low floor buses, double-decker buses and road passenger coaches to provide occupants with The extraordinary comfort experience of colleagues greatly enhance the vehicle's excitement. The RL85EC independent suspension front axle adopts a low floor design. It has no steps to facilitate passengers getting on and off the vehicle, greatly improving the vehicle's maneuverability and providing a comfortable driving experience. The maximum internal corner can reach 53 degrees. Reducing the unsprung mass significantly improves the ride comfort and comfort of the vehicle. Sensitive suspension response and precise steering increase the vehicle's active safety. Particularly suitable for high center of gravity applications, it can provide sufficient roll stiffness.

New Ecotrans 6-speed automatic transmission for commercial vehicles, Ecoshift 6-speed transmission for on-line service vehicles, intercity transit and coaches, Ecolite manual transmission system for light trucks, Ecosplit manual 12-/16 for heavy trucks or special vehicles Synchronous transmissions, the prestigious mechanical automatic transmissions ASTronic, ASTroniclite, cab components and related control systems have also attracted the attention of professional visitors.

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