Water conservancy construction promotes sales of Chinese construction machinery industry

The data obtained by the reporter from the China Construction Machinery Business Network recently showed that the sales of major loaders in China increased by more than 150% in February from the previous month, and the sales volume of other subdivided products such as excavators also showed a significant upward trend. According to industry insiders, under the impetus of water conservancy construction, the construction machinery industry in the whole year will be low and high, and the annual sales revenue is expected to increase by about 12%.

According to a survey conducted by the China Construction Machinery Business Network on 27 major loader manufacturers, in February, 17,797 sets of loaders were sold, an increase of 150.94% from the previous quarter and an increase of 9.16% from the same period of last year. |

The network researchers pointed out that “In February or the same year, the loader market performed well and the market has clearly improved.” At the same time, sales of the product have been stimulated by the excavator industry’s promotion. It also obviously rebounded.

In this regard, the researcher believes that water conservancy construction is an important factor driving the market to warm. “From the perspective of downstream demand, new projects for irrigation and water conservancy in the new projects started in February will take the lead, followed by municipal, affordable housing, highways, railways, commercial housing, and mining.”

Experts pointed out that the current water conservancy investment has three differences compared with the past: First, the scale is particularly large, and the time is particularly long; Second, funds can be fully implemented; Third, the central and local governments attach great importance, and a large number of key projects will be started one after another. And long-term to promote the demand for construction machinery products.

Industry insiders believe that sales of construction machinery products are better than previously expected in the favorable situation of recovery of downstream demand. President of Sany Heavy Industry (600031, share bar) Xiang Wenbo has expressed optimistic expectations for the market outlook in 2012 during the two sessions. “The domestic construction machinery market is expected to reach 500 billion to 600 billion yuan.”

According to the forecast of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the trend of industry sales in 2012 will show a trend of low and high, which is expected to increase by about 12% from 2011.

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