Wuhan Ship Machinery successfully developed the cylinder changer crane

Recently, Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. independently developed and designed a new product, the cylinder changer crane, successfully passed the inspection of China Classification Society (CCS). The successful development of this type of crane has filled the gap in the domestic independent research and development of cylinder luffing cranes.

The cylinder changer crane developed this time is a crane crane for Wuhan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for the 45,000 DWT bulk carrier of Qingdao Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a total of 4 sets. In order to successfully complete the development of the first crane, the company made careful arrangements and deployment of the progress nodes of the project.

First, the technical disclosure is comprehensive and meticulous. In the drawing design stage, the company's technical staff actively participated in the review of the drawing design stage and the pattern review after the drawing was completed. After entering the construction phase, the technicians actively hold exchange meetings with the main contractor, and according to the characteristics of the new products, carry out the technical disclosure of multi-projects, so that the contractors have a comprehensive understanding of the new products before the project construction. In order to arrange project production reasonably and effectively.

The second is to overcome difficulties and work together. The company selected the elite technicians to conduct on-site tracking, and found that the problem always contacted the relevant design and manufacturing personnel as quickly as possible, and formulated correct and feasible solutions and implemented them quickly. Under the cooperation of all units of the company, the cylinder changer crane passed the CCS inspection.

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