Raymond Mill spindle will produce cattle axial elongation

As the temperature rises, the Raymond mill spindle will produce axial elongation of the cattle. Due to the change of the center position of the shaft bearing, Raymond's spindle axis may also be tilted. Because in the high-speed machining, the thermal deformation of the Raymond spindle has become a major factor affecting the machining accuracy. Therefore, how to take effective measures to reduce the thermal deformation of the Raymond spindle has become one of the key technologies for high-speed equipment. Henan Zhongtai Specializing in the production of Roller Crusher, Roll Crusher, Roller Sand Crusher, Double Roll Crusher, Zhongtai Production Machinery 20 years, advocating professional manufacturing, cobbler sand making machine, sand making machine, crushing Machines, ball presses, ball mills, Henan Zhongtai Roll Crusher, new products, obtained a number of patents. Zhongtai is in the leading position of (in the roll crusher), with a core technical mastery. Raymond's main shaft heating system: The main measures are to minimize the intermediate transmission links (such as belts, gears, etc.). Reduce the length of the drive chain as much as possible. Some other devices directly use electric Raymond spindles with a built-in motor to reduce the length of the transmission chain to zero, but this has led to the introduction of another heat source: Raymond's spindle motor heat. In order to reduce the heat of the motor, permanent magnet Raymond spindle motor can be considered. Compared with the induction motor, the rotor of the permanent magnet motor does not generate heat. The temperature rise of the main shaft is greatly reduced. However, Raymond Mill's motor manufacturing and installation is more difficult, Cheng Feng is higher, and there are still many unresolved problems in system control. Currently, it is not widely used (Shangqiu Recruitment Network). Experiments show that the use of oil and gas lubrication of the bearing temperature rise can be reduced by 5-8C compared to the use of oil mist lubrication, grease lubrication reduced by 9 ~ 16 °C, with the increase in value, the effect of cooling will be more apparent. Oil-air lubrication technology has been effectively applied to ultra-high-speed Raymond spindles and has achieved good results. Cooling fluid inside the Raymond Mill spindle, or forcing a large amount of compressed air in the Raymond Mill spindle box, can take away the heat generated by a large number of motors, greatly reducing the temperature rise of Raymond's spindle system, and thus greatly Reduce the thermal deformation of Raymond's spindle. Real-time acquisition of temperature, thermal displacement, and other related data through temperature and displacement sensors, A/D conversion, and then through the establishment of thermal error model to predict the error, and then the predicted compensation value through the input interface of the equipment CNC system Input the numerical control system, the numerical control system carries on the corresponding compensation according to the input compensation value.

Elbow Systems

Concrete Pump Casting Elbow

Concrete Pump Casting Elbow is an important product used in elbow system.And casting elbow has many different sizes.

The casting elbow could be used in Putzmeister , Schwing , Zoomlion , Sany , IHI Concrete Pump.

1.Product Introduction

Part No. Product Name Description Flange
1 Casting Elbow DN125*R275*90D SK , 148mm
2 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
3 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
4 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
5 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
6 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
7 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
8 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
9 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
10 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
pm elbow 2 pm elbow



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