“No Newsstand” touched netizens praised for trust and taken out conscience

"No news kiosks" touched netizens praised and voted into trust to take out conscience diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-15

In June, the media reported that there was a newspaper and kiosk on Nanan Road in Guangzhou, which was often left unattended. The stall owner purchased the newspapers for the convenience of the neighbours, and special wooden boxes let the customers consciously put coins. Over the years, customers have been very conscious of the fact that there are very few cases of non-coinage. The 75-year-old newsstand owner, O Cheung-hsien, said, "Integrity is worth a thousand dollars. Most customers will be conscious that the sale is based on conscience."
In May, Liu Youan, an “You You Ge” brother, became popular after he was reported by the media without insisting on re-exploitation of oil. In the face of netizen's praise, Liu Hongan said that he was actually not so noble, nothing more than to do three things: first, purchase raw materials from regular oil and raw material companies; second, ensure new oil every day; and third, dump waste oil into professional environmental protection agencies In the recycling bin. One sentence is: No counterfeit oil, no fresh oil, no waste oil. Liu Hongan bought more customers for this.
Going back in time, in November 2011, the media reported that Zhang Jingzhen, a 70-year-old man from Zhengzhou, set up a sales stall at the door of his home institution. He was often left unattended when he was too busy to do business. In the face of media interviews, Zhang Jingzhen said: “They are all old acquaintances. Nobody is worse than these two money. I believe that everyone hasn’t turned a blind eye. Even if it’s a few dollars, it doesn’t matter.”
Also in November 2011, the media also reported that Peng Zuhui, a gas supplier at Xianning Lihua Gas Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province, delivered a gas “No difference between the two and the poor” story. The 55-year-old Peng Zuhui sent all the gas with a steelyard and sent it every day. Twenty to twenty cylinders are all over the scales. If they lose one pound, they will withdraw a pound of money. Chen Zuhui said that the emphasis on doing business is "credibility", although with scales to give gas and tired points, but this is worthy of conscience, it is worth it, Chen Zuhui not only won the trust of customers with a steelyard, but also used this scale to drive the gas company Colleagues.
"No one is selling newsstands," "no one is selling stalls," "no counterfeit oils," and "no difference between the two." These "nothing" stories have been reported by the media and have been popular among netizens. Netizens said that we saw “have” from one “nothingness” and felt that honesty passed and spread in silence. The netizen “Su Su Sri F” said: “Guangzhou’s mother-in-law, Zhengzhou’s grandmother who has not sold her grandmother, tried one of the newspapers and tried out the “gold content” of honesty and trustworthiness. The degree of civilization of a city, when everyone consciously invests the money in the box, it is the trust that is thrown in and the conscience is taken out."
Letter, from people, from words. Believers, honest too. You treat people sincerely, others report you by letter. Just as netizens said, “Integrity is mutual, and there are 'to' and 'to', and if you want others to be honest with you, you must first 'believe'.” Netizen “Sunshine 100” said, “Who does not want to be trusted? There should be more no-sales points like this. If everyone gives up a bit of trust and everyone speaks a word of "faith," life will be warmer and more harmonious."
A recent news reporter saw when looking for relevant information was also encouraging. In Beijing, an undisciplined public welfare activity initiated by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and other units launched an undisclosed charity event recently in 10 colleges and universities in Beijing: Students are not sold on campus. The newspaper column "self-consciously borrows money from newspapers, and profits from the sale of newspapers are donated to underprivileged students. The school where the netizen "Red Apple 09" is located has such an unmanned ticket booth. He said: "We use an unsold newspaper to test the moral integrity standards of contemporary college students and disseminate a concept to students. That is, 'Do not use evil as a small thing. Do not use good and small things instead.'
The story of "nothingness" continues to occur. Integrity will grow in silence. When these "small goods" become a kind of "day-to-day work" for people, the building of social integrity has a solid foundation.
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