Chongqing intends to manufacture local auto parts for fiberglass auto parts and improve the industrial chain

The production of raw materials is in Chongqing and the market is also in Chongqing, but the processing and manufacturing link is in coastal areas and even abroad. This is the embarrassing situation faced by the fiberglass auto parts industry in our city. The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic and Information Commission on September 23, 2013 that the city of Chongqing is about to break this pattern of “both in and out of the middle” and realize the localization of fiberglass auto parts manufacturing.

The materials used in traditional vehicles are basically steel materials, which have high density and heavy weight. In the case of realizing the same performance index, auto parts made of glass fiber are only 1/3 of the weight of conventional materials and parts, and are lightweight for automobiles. Reducing fuel consumption has greatly helped and therefore has a vast market.

According to the person in charge of the Metallurgical Building Materials Division of the City Economic and Information Commission, the project of “Development and Industrialization of Fiberglass for Wind Power Equipment/Engineering Plastics” by Chongqing International Composites Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance. “The industrialization of glass fiber for automobiles is the The important achievements of the project, at present, has been applied for glass fiberglass and wind power equipment glass fiber 8 invention patents, authorized 5, the formation of four corporate standards." The responsible person said.

At present, after Chongqing-made glass fiber for automobiles has been shipped to coastal areas such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the parts and components produced have been transported back to the entire Chongqing-built vehicle. The logistics cost has caused the local automaker’s glass fiber to become zero. The cost of using components increases. "In order to change this situation, we are currently uniting Changan Automobile, Automobile Research Institute and other units to jointly launch a localization project for fiberglass components. This can reduce the part's logistics costs on the one hand and extend our own industry on the other. Chain, increase the added value of products." International Composite Materials Co.

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