National Day "Eleven" wedding tide Lanzhou lighting market is hot

In the past few days, the reporter visited the Jinfu lighting market in Gansu and found that NVC lighting and other brands of lighting began to sell. A staff member of NVC Lighting Xiaoxihu Store said that many 85-year-old martyrs chose fashion, comfort, personality and energy.
On the morning of the same day, the reporter saw in the NVC lighting store that just settled in the Jinfu lighting market in Gansu, many young customers are buying lamps. Although the business has just started, but the business is not bad, because young people prefer brand goods, and NVC Lighting is the leader of China's lighting industry, sales have been good, recently, many customers are young people to decorate the wedding room to buy lights Therefore, sales of home lighting and smart lighting have increased. The store's store manager introduced. The reporter found that in order to attract customers, the store also launched a lottery promotion and gift, free shipping, parking and other promotional means. What is the current trend of the lighting market? General Manager Ma Kuiqi of Juhao Modern Crystal Light Store told reporters that at present, the lamps that cater to people's return to the true nature and advocating natural psychology are more popular. He said that at present, the marriage-married family is the mainstay of the purchase of lamps. In order to cater to their return to the true nature and the need to admire nature, the current lighting market has a natural wind, and the new lighting 30 has adopted a natural design. Plum flower wall lamps, fishtail table lamps, peach lamps, horses and other small animal modeling lamps, using a variety of wooden art sculptures, is no less than real crafts. The selection of lampshades is widely used in paper, wood, yarn quality, carved on the top of the moon, fairy and other styles, art and practical combination, deeply loved by the 85 after marriage.

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