How to disassemble the rolling bearing of the motor?

How to disassemble the rolling bearing of the motor? The method of dismounting the rolling bearing is similar to that of disassembling the pulley, and it can also be performed using a puller. If there is no puller, you can use two iron poles to clamp the shaft, so that the rotor is vacant. Then, after the wooden end or the copper block is attached to the upper end of the shaft, use a hammer to knock off the bearing and remove it. Pay attention to safety during operation. During assembly, you can find a flat iron pipe with an inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the shaft and insert it into the shaft so that the pipe wall just abuts on the inner ring of the bearing. Then the wood block can be tapped with the hand hammer to make the bearing fit in. Rotor location. Note that the inner circle of the bearing and the shaft cannot be too tight. If it is too tight, the surface of the shaft can be turned around with a fine emery cloth and evenly polished so that the general tightness can be maintained after the bearing is inserted. In addition, the outer ring of the bearing and the end cap must not be too tight.

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