Guangdong LED output value achieves a historic breakthrough and leapfrog

Recently, the Guangdong LED Industry Development Summit Forum jointly sponsored by the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center and the Guangdong Semiconductor Light Source Industry Association was held in the Guangdong Science Center. More than 200 people from Guangdong Province LED lighting technology and product promotion and application joint conference member units, local science and technology bureaus, national LED industry associations and research institute representatives, LED enterprise representatives and media representatives attended the meeting.
The LED industry is not only the main force for industrial upgrading in our province, but also an effective means for our province to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction tasks. On March 26, 2010, the executive meeting of the Guangdong Provincial Government decided to list the semiconductor lighting (led) industry as one of the three strategic emerging industries that Guangdong Province will focus on, and the Guangdong Science and Technology Department will take the lead in promoting the development of the LED industry. As an emerging force that promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, and promotes economic growth and social progress, emerging industries are often at a stage where technology is still immature, industrial investment is fragmented, and business models are still uncertain. Therefore, how to look forward to the international vision and seize the technological commanding heights of the industry is urgent for the cultivation and development of emerging industries.
How to promote the development of the LED industry is the first time that the science and technology sector faces the industry, is in charge of the industry, and is driven by the science and technology policy to promote and promote the industrial development. There is no precedent in the country. Under the pressure, the Provincial Science and Technology Department closely follows the strategic deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, implements government guidance, enterprise participation, market operation, and joint development requirements, closely follows a core strategy, highlights two breakthroughs, and strives to build three major Chain, stick to the four methods. That is: a core strategy refers to the innovation-driven strategy. Taking independent innovation as the core strategy of LED industry development, creating an innovative environment, integrating innovative resources, capturing core technologies, exploring new development models, and comprehensively improving the independent innovation capability and comprehensive competitiveness of the LED industry.
The two breakthroughs refer to the key ports that break through the core technologies of high-end links and the promotion and application of equipment and products. In the upstream link, we will focus on breaking through core equipment and key supporting materials such as MOCVD, acquire independent intellectual property rights, and seize the commanding heights of industrial development. In the market application, we will focus on expanding the application scale of LED products and driving rapid market growth. The three major chains, one is to optimize the industrial chain, and vigorously enhance the industrial concentration; the second is to improve the innovation chain, giving priority to technological innovation; the third is to enhance the value chain and accelerate the promotion of regional branding. The four major methods are to adhere to the government's promotion and market-driven two-pronged approach. Under the guidance of the government's macroeconomic policies, the basic role of market allocation of resources will be brought into full play, and policies and markets will be organically combined; second, adherence to technological innovation and application demonstration will be adhered to. Supported by technological innovation and market demand, the synergy effect of technological innovation and industrial development is continuously enhanced; the third is to foster a new two-pronged approach of cultivating emerging and transforming traditions. Vigorously promote LED technology innovation and market application, promote the upgrading of traditional lighting industry, and promote the coordinated development of related industries such as display, information and automobile; Fourth, adhere to the two-pronged approach of supporting enterprises and cultivating clusters. Introduce and cultivate a group of leading enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and strong technological innovation capabilities, and form an industrial cluster with distinctive regional characteristics, large-scale SMEs and a complete supporting system. It is in this context that from the 39 billion in 2009, the compound growth rate of LED output value in Guangdong has exceeded 35 in recent years, achieving a historic breakthrough and leap.

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