The function and function of the various components of the suction truck

The function and function of the various components of the suction truck

Suction trucks are mainly composed of automobile chassis, tanks, and functional parts of various parts. The main explanations here are the functions and functions of these functional accessories.
The main components of the suction truck include vacuum suction pump, rotary shaft, power take-off device, pump box, four-way valve, oil and gas separator, steam separator, anti-overflow valve, vacuum gauge and so on.
Dedicated vacuum suction pump The suction pump vacuum pump produced by our company mainly includes Hangzhou Veyron Vacuum Pump, Suizhou Yifeng Vacuum Pump and Suizhou Weiye Vacuum Pump. The main function of the vacuum pump is to pump the gas in the tank or inflate it into the tank to take out the inside of the pipe. The purpose of the air is to create a vacuum in the tank body to create a negative pressure inside the tank and atmospheric pressure. In this way, the dirt in the septic tank will be sucked into the tank under pressure, and similarly inflated into the tank body to make the tank body. A positive pressure is formed with the atmospheric pressure, and the dirt in the tank is discharged out of the tank by pressure.
Power take-off The power take-off device is a power take-off device, which is linked to the gearbox and meshes and disengages with the clutch and air pressure to form a power take-off device that drives the suction pump.
Driveshaft The driveshaft is the transmission between the power take-off and the vacuum pump. The gimbal is mounted on the driveshaft and does not cause problems due to different shaft conditions.
The pump box is mounted on the girder of the chassis and is a semi-closed box that holds the pump.
The four-way valve is a valve that controls the suction or discharge of the vacuum pump, that is, it controls the suction operation or the sewage discharge operation of the suction truck. The four-way valve is a square, left and right connecting pipeline, and the upper switch is a control wrench. The following is a large hole, this hole is mainly used to drain the air in the tank body or suck air into the tank body, this is the suction and exhaust air inlet and outlet.
Oil and Gas Separators Oil and gas separators are mainly used to lubricate hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is used to lubricate vacuum pumps. It also has oil and gas separation functions to separate oil and gas.
Water Vapor Separator The steam separator, as its name implies, is a device that separates water and gas. Due to the pressure, it is inevitable that the gas will contain moisture, and the device will release the gas and let the water flow down.
Anti-overflow valve Anti-overflow valve is a kind of overfill protection device, mainly to prevent the backflow of dirt into the pump body after the tank of the suction truck is filled with manure. The anti-flood valve is float ball type control.
Vacuum gauge The vacuum gauge shows the internal pressure of the tank. The pressure in the tank can be seen from the vacuum gauge. It will be known if the suction truck is working properly.



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ISO,SNSI,JIS,DIN,ASME,Sh3408 SH3409 HG/T21635 HG/T05010


Carbon Steel like A234 WPB, 20G, A105, Q235A/B and alloy steel like ASTM A234 WP5, WP11, WP12

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ASME B 16.9, DIN, JIS, BS, etc



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Butt Welding

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