Type of cruise ship

Type of cruise ship There are many kinds of cruise ships, which can be roughly divided into ordinary cruise ships and luxury cruise ships according to different internal facilities and grades of decoration. In accordance with the different navigational waters, they can be divided into ocean-going cruise ships, offshore coastal cruises and inland cruise ships.

First, ocean liners. It is mostly used for inter-continental or circumnavigation across the oceans, generally with large tonnage, superior performance, luxurious internal facilities, and high cost. Modern ocean-going cruise ships have evolved from early cruise ships. At the end of the 1830s, steamships were used for passenger transportation for the first time on the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, ocean liners have also become the only tool for shipping mail at sea and are therefore also called cruise ships. The cruise liner not only greatly promoted the ocean-going passenger transportation at that time, but also promoted the tide of ocean-going travel at that time. The number of passengers engaged in intercontinental travel and even global travel by cruise liners has increased. Some cruise ships specialize in this business. These cruise ships also become cruise ships. With the advancement of shipbuilding technology, ocean-going cruise ships have grown bigger and more luxurious. Nowadays, there are more and more people choosing cruise vacations every year. Sea travel has gradually become a trend. Today's large-scale cruise ships can reach tens of thousands of tons. There are also more and more travelers.

Second, offshore coastal cruises. Mostly navigate in local areas such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, and Northern Europe. The voyage usually starts from a port, arrives at one or several beautiful tourist ports, and then returns to the departure port and reopens a voyage. For example, the Norwegian Skies, departing from Miami, USA, to Lahad Datu, Bahamas, travelers return to the boat after picking up and returning to Miami.

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