Infrared spectrometer or breaking the jewelry appraisal dilemma

Infrared spectrometer or breaking the jewelry appraisal dilemma With the improvement of China’s economic level, some luxury goods are increasingly favored by consumers in daily consumption. For example, gold, jewelry and the like, when the price of gold falls, many people are buying gold, and other jewellery-loving consumers are buying and selling. However, regarding these expensive jewellery, the authenticity of the jewelry needs professionalism. The equipment for testing, polarizing microscopes, infrared spectrometers are professional analysis of the sentiment of the chemical composition contained in the inside of jewelry jade to make a conclusive judgment of the favorable weapons, but the jewelry testing market there are still some problems:

Detection of market chaos, intimidation of peer organizations Many consumers buy one or more jade jewelry, for insurance, they are often sent to different testing agencies. However, in many testing organizations, the laboratory is located as close to the consumer market as possible for the convenience of customers. However, after narrowing the distance with the merchants, many consumers will have a nameless concern. They suspect that the testing organization will partner with the company to get people. There is indeed a large number of frauds that are false and shoddy in the current market. Therefore, for the crisis awareness of customers, the testing organizations can understand them. However, many times the results of the tests are not the same, and the results are very poor. Conflict of interest. What's more, when the testing equipment is continuously upgraded, those counterfeiting methods are also using unfair means to handle jewelry, and those testing equipment cannot be detected at once.

All of these are problems in the jewellery testing market. Our network believes that testing breakthroughs must not be separated from testing equipment. Infrared spectroscopy is an indispensable instrument and equipment in this industry. It also requires relevant policies and regulations and cracks down on counterfeiting. The jewellery sales population maintains the legitimate interests of consumers.

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