Convenient mistakes when converting special gears

Almost all vehicles now have synchronizers, making the car easier to shift, but it is also very harmful to operate improperly. The use of two-legged clutch shifting method is advantageous for extending the service life of the parts.
Shifting direction when shifting gears: Many people shift gears with their right hands, and the left hand makes a force to pull the steering wheel downwards to shift the direction toward the center of the road, causing the vehicle to cross the line or occupy the road, which is very dangerous.

The shift is not emptied of empty oil: when shifting gears, it is possible to reduce the gear without the use of an empty oil clutch, but it is easy to make the machine wear and early damage. Therefore, regardless of whether or not there is a synchronizer vehicle, a two-legged clutch should be used to reduce the gear by adding an empty oil.

Look at the shift lever and look down at the gear lever: Especially when driving in a city street or driving at high speed, shifting the bow can easily cause the direction to misalign and cause an accident.

When the car is not stopped, change the reverse gear: When the car is not stopped, the gear is still rotating forward. If it is changed to reverse gear, the phenomenon of gear breakage will occur.

When a special automobile shifts gears, the clutch is not in the end: the clutch is not stepped in the end, and the first axis of the engine and the transmission cannot be completely disengaged, so that the transmission is time-sequential, resulting in a sound when shifting, and it is easy to break the gear.

Insufficient position: When the gear is not in place once, it is hard to pull and hard to pull. It is easy to break gears. It not only damages the mechanics, but also causes accidents.

The shift lever moves back to neutral and then shakes back: After the neutral gear is attached, the shift lever is often unstable and shakes back and forth, which may cause wear of the mechanical parts.

Step-by-step plus stop: should be added step by step, can not be added to block the leap, leapfrog can easily cause the car power is not continuous, there is "sudden death" phenomenon. The downshift can be overstepped, and it is often necessary to step down.

Drive with low speed for a long time: If you drive at a low speed for a long time, the speed is low but the speed is high. There is less mileage per unit of time, and the fuel consumption is relatively increased. Therefore, after Cheng Li’s special-purpose vehicle starts, if it is not a low-temperature cold car, The gear should be raised to the proper level as soon as possible. In general, high-speed gears are more fuel-efficient than low gears.

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