Discussion on the Successful Model of Ground Source Heat Pump Demonstration Project

As the executive unit of the ground source heat pump cooperation project between China and the United States - Beijing Branch of the ground source heat pump Technology Co., Ltd., has now built in China, large and small US soil - type ground source heat pump air conditioning system demonstration project nearly 30 , Completed nearly 100 sets of design. These systems are used in office buildings, shops, hotels, stadiums, schools, factories and apartments, residential and other civil buildings, and run all normal, has reached the expected economic and technical indicators. One of Beijing Jia Yuan Li Yuan International Apartments ground source heat pump air-conditioning system is the world's single largest second-of-ground heat pump project.

Mr. Li Yuanpu, the deputy head of the ground-source heat pump cooperation program between China and the United States, and Mr. Li Yuanpu, the general manager of Beijing Branch Science Co., are very pleased to talk about the demonstration project. In the process of technical demonstration and promotion, they not only need to carry out technical promotion and demonstration, data collection and analysis, but also make constructive suggestions according to the specific conditions of the project.

Beijing Jiahe Regency International Apartment has a total construction area of ​​88,000 square meters and a heating and air-conditioning area of ​​70,000 square meters. It uses 501 terrestrial heat pump units of the US Trane Company, including 4 deep-water wells, 2 pumping and 2 irrigation systems, and a total water inflow of 440 tons / hour. The project by the United States for the program guidance, Tsinghua University design. At design time, the planning firm proposed setting up a conditioning tank. "Because system design is usually based on peak values, the actual use requires only 60% of the design load most of the time." With pool conditioning, the actual pumping wells run only 6 to 8 hours a day, drastically reducing the operating power consumption of submersible pumps In this respect, there are still many deficiencies in system design in China. "Mr. Li Yuanpu emphasized the importance of optimizing system design.

Jiahe Liyuan ground source heat pump system is a dual air conditioning system, independent control, independent measurement. The system was put into operation in 2000 and has been in operation for 5 years. It often meets the refrigeration and heating requirements with a single pumping operation. The operation effect is good. The Deputy Secretary of Energy and a group of experts in the United States and other countries, as well as relevant departments of our government Leaders and experts have examined this project, by experts and users alike.

After the economic analysis of the initial investment and operation costs of the traditional central air-conditioning system and the boiler system, the total cost of the ground-source heat pump system is reduced by 1.5% over the traditional central air-conditioning system and the investment is reduced by 389,000 yuan; the annual operating cost is reduced by 42.2% Yuan; accounting for a 57% reduction in land fees, saving 500,000 yuan. Ground source heat pump system, the average initial investment of about 360 yuan / square meter.

Li Yuanpu emphasized: "As a technology promotion unit, we not only teach church equipment managers how to turn on the equipment, but also teach them how to run the equipment and improve the efficiency of equipment operation, which we learned deeply in last year's June 6 Nursery Project in Beijing. "

From the system structure, soil-gas ground-source heat pump is a decentralized system, in the design of the building according to the use of functions and different use of time for a reasonable area, the unit selection. In this way the system is running, according to the use of each region to open or stop the operation of the unit alone, in order to achieve energy efficiency optimization.

Beijing Liuyi Nursery Project belongs to the boiler reconstruction project, including classrooms, offices, canteens and other building area of ​​14,849.1 square meters, heating and air conditioning area of ​​12,119 square meters, the selection of the United States McQuay's 83 ground-source heat pump units. The project was completed in September 2004 and started operation in November.

The beginning of operation, nursery hospital normal use. However, after the Spring Festival holiday, only a small part of the building needs heating. Due to the use of the building in the system design, the system can be used according to the area during the holidays, so kindergartens save a lot of heating cost during the winter vacation than using the boiler.

Li Yuanpu believes that starting from the construction of demonstration projects to promote new energy-saving technologies is an effective way to use the demonstration project operating data shows the advanced nature of this technology, environmental protection, energy saving will greatly shorten people's cognitive process of new things will be Play a multiplier effect. He said he and his team will also step up efforts and quantity of demonstration project construction. In particular, it is necessary to build some regional application demonstration projects with different types of buildings, different scales and different functions, especially into pieces to meet the diversification needs Market demand, and create a ground-source heat pump technology to promote the new situation.

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