Improvement of CPC3 forklift gearbox input shaft assembly

Improvement of CPC3 forklift gearbox input shaft assembly Yangzhou Hanjiang David Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Wang Wei

The CPC3 internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck was jointly designed by the Chinese forklift industry in the 1970s. Its reliability and durability have long been recognized by the industry. Because of its high quality and low price, the domestic production and sales volume is still quite large. However, due to some insufficiency, when the car replaces the clutch friction plate, the engine and the transmission need to be removed from the forklift together (commonly known as "brake"), and then the engine and the gearbox are separated to replace the friction plate. Under normal circumstances, the procedure for disassembling and replacing the clutch friction plate requires two people to complete the operation, and also needs to be equipped with lifting equipment, which is small but troublesome. In addition, the lubricating oil in the gearbox accidentally enters the clutch through the bearing and bearing cover of the input shaft, causing the friction plate to slip, which is more likely to occur when the forklift is uphill.
In 2003, in response to the requirements of its forklift production main engine factory, our company improved the gearbox input shaft assembly for the difficulty of replacing the clutch disc of the CPC3 vehicle and the lubricating oil entering the clutch in the transmission, as shown in Figure 1.
The movable bearing sleeve assembly is added at the front end of the input shaft to drive the input shaft to the left to move, so that the spline assembly at the end of the input shaft is separated from the friction plate and retracted into the bearing cover, so that the friction plate can be easily replaced.
The operation of replacing the clutch friction plate after the improvement is as follows:
Firstly, the gearbox is placed in the neutral position, the upper cover part is removed, the lock nut is loosened, the movable part is released from the friction plate, and the friction plate is replaced, and the movable bearing sleeve is driven to move axially to the right to make the shaft end All the spline parts enter the hole of the new friction plate, and the input shaft is tightened and then retracted by 1/8-1/6 turn, so that the axial clearance is maintained between 0.25-0.35mm, then tighten the nut and attach the upper cover. it is good. The entire process is completed by an operator in half an hour, saving time and reducing labor intensity. After the operation is proficient, the upper cover portion can be replaced without being removed.
This improvement is also applicable to the CPQ3 forklift with the 490 engine and the corresponding friction plate, as long as the size of the spline portion of the input shaft end and the size of the bearing cap are changed accordingly.
The bearing cap (joint design drawing No. 3Q12-10-15) was appropriately modified, and adding a skeleton oil seal fundamentally overcomes the defect that the transmission fluid enters the clutch.
The bearing cover of the CPC2t forklift gearbox produced by our company also adopts the method of installing the skeleton oil seal to overcome the same problem.
Through the practical use of nearly three years, the above-mentioned improved performance is reliable and the effect is remarkable. Now many forklift factories use it and other manufacturers follow suit.

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