U.S. launches new wastewater treatment equipment

Recently, Kennedy/Jenks Consulting Company of the United States won the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Engineering Achievement Award for the development of a new wastewater treatment method. This filtration method uses large diameter filter media during high airflow recirculation, which greatly improves the filtration performance during wastewater treatment, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs.
It is reported that a wastewater treatment plant in the Southern Bay is conducting large-scale research and testing of the method, and the current test results have exceeded expectations. A typical method for removing solids from wastewater is a granular filter using a double-medium structure of anthracite (coal) and sand. In the test, a single-layer anthracite medium having a diameter 2.5 times larger than the existing filter medium was used. The plant is now able to process approximately 20 million gallons of wastewater per day, ensuring water supplies in Menlo Park, Sequoia, and Portola Valley. The researchers pointed out that if the test results are confirmed, the application of this new granular single-media filter structure in the industry will greatly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

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