Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Company developed ZJ30 oil drilling rig

Based on its own strength, Shijiazhuang Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the ZJ30 oil drilling rig with all independent intellectual property rights. The rig was sold as soon as it was successfully tested, and the sales prospects were very promising.
Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of drilling rigs in China, and constantly innovates in the field of drilling rigs. Following the series of water source drilling rigs, series of geological drilling rigs and series of engineering drilling rigs, the company has increased its product development efforts for series oil rigs. Because the company's oil rigs have stable performance and high work efficiency, they are favored by the majority of users.
Last year, the company's series of oil rigs accounted for more than 50% of the sales of rigs. Therefore, this year, the company increased its product development efforts for oil rigs, and developed new products with a drilling depth of 3,000 meters, striving to further expand the rig market. Sales area.

GF1 Diesel Generator Suppliers

Brief Induction

1) 3-24kw Series of ordinary diesel generating sets have been provided with high quality water-cooled diesel engine, those engine can work well in every kinds of conditions

2) The structure of generating sets, the engine has been coupled with alternator through v-belt or coupled directly with alternator, both of them have been installed on the basis of anti-shock pad, The gen-sets have been fixed on the frame of shock pipes which has four wheels.

3) Other features It's easy to operate and maintain, control panel, capacitor type, voltage regulator, no-fuse circuit breaker, over-current protection, wheels type design, double-shaft balance design, electric starting.

GF1 Diesel Generator

GF1 Series Diesel Generator

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