Gansu successfully developed a new type of electromagnetic expansion valve

By the Lanzhou University of Technology doctoral tutor Lu 医 medical 淌 ┦ tube ┦ owe 崃 ⑻ ⑻ vote years of painstaking research and development with the leading level of our new structural style of the electromagnetic expansion valve, recently won the national utility model patents. At present, the most widely used electronic expansion valve in refrigeration equipment has complicated structure, high manufacturing cost and large volume, which limits its wide application in refrigeration system. However, the demand for throttling and expansion devices capable of completing the continuous cooling capacity adjustment is very high in industries such as home air conditioners and car air conditioners. The use of advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology developed electromagnetic expansion valve reflects the "energy-saving, high efficiency, low cost," the idea of ​​fully meet the technical requirements of electronic expansion valve premise, with lower manufacturing costs, reduce energy consumption, low noise , The advantages of simple structure. It is predicted that the electromagnetic expansion valve market prospects.

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