Frequent failures in compression of refrigerating truck refrigeration units

The main component of a refrigerating unit in a refrigerated truck is the compressor. But what happens to the compressor every day?  

1. The compressors of refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks have low pressure and high pressure, which are caused by insufficient snow. As long as the vehicle’s air conditioner is turned on, bubbles always appear in the glass eyes. How do you feel the temperature in the three places? If the medium temperature and high temperature are in the low temperature, but there is a high temperature, then Just to supplement the snow for a long time can eliminate the fault.

2. The compressors of refrigerating truck refrigeration units have low pressure and high pressure, which may be due to the following reasons: the degree of snow speculation, cold reiki cooling effect is poor, there is air, and the opening degree of the expansion valve is too large. . You can first check if there is frost on the low-pressure pipe. This is because the opening of the expansion valve is too large. Use water to flush the condenser. If the effect is better, then the cooling effect of the condenser becomes worse. If there is no change, there may be air in the system. The rest is because of the excessive amount of snow. When the air conditioner is turned off or turned on, no bubbles are observed in the glass eyes. It can be determined that there are too many kinds of snow. After a part of the snow is released, the trouble can be eliminated.  

3. When the refrigerating unit's refrigeration unit compressor is in progress, vacuum may sometimes appear at low pressure, sometimes it is normal. The reason may be that there is moisture in the system. It is possible to re-vacuum, and then need to replace the liquid dryer, and finally re-fill the snow on it.

4. Refrigerator compressors for refrigerated trucks have been directed to vacuum at low pressure. It may be because there is a blockage in the system and the snow cannot be circulated. The most common areas where plugging is most likely occur are the expansion valve and the liquid storage dryer. It is only necessary to touch the inlet and outlet tubes of the liquid storage dryer by hand. If the temperature difference is relatively large, it is certain that the filter in the liquid storage dryer is blocked. Just need to change it again. If the expansion valve is blocked, it is also necessary to replace it.  

5, refrigerated truck refrigeration unit compressor air volume is too small, the reason is because the fan power supply voltage is too low, or because of the fan's own failure, there is the evaporator is too dirty and so on, are all causes of the wind The resistance is too great, and finally it is because the air duct has missed the wind.

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