Multi-stage centrifugal pump test and troubleshooting

Multi-stage centrifugal pump test and troubleshooting:

The structure of multi-stage centrifugal pumps is relatively complex, with many wearing parts and high precision requirements. To prevent malfunctions and cause undue losses, they should be carefully inspected before commissioning. The test run must be fully prepared, strictly abide by the operating procedures, and the operator should conduct the test run. Once the test run fails, it should be immediately removed. In the same way, failures of multi-stage centrifugal pumps during operation should also be eliminated in time. After the test vehicle is qualified and operating normally, the transfer formalities can be processed and put into production.

1, before the test and preparation of a test, inspection and maintenance records. The quality of inspection and repair shall meet the requirements of inspection and repair procedures, and the maintenance records shall be complete and accurate.

b. Check the lubrication condition. If it does not meet the requirements, replace it or add it in time.

c. The cooling water system should be unobstructed.

d. There is no sense of uneven weight, no noise, and the packing gland is not skewed.

e. Before the hot oil pump starts, it must warm the pump. The preheating temperature is not higher than 50°C per hour.

2. After the empty load test is completed and inspected, the multi-stage centrifugal pump can be tested for empty load. The empty load test should follow the following steps.

a. Check the motor and insulation by an electrician and send it after passing the inspection.

b. Open the cooling water and start the car.

c, start the motor, pay attention to observe the motor steering and sound is normal.

3, empty load test should meet the following requirements.

a, smooth operation, no noise, oil seal, cooling water and lubrication system work properly, no leakage of the subsidiary pipe.

b. The temperature rise of the sliding bearing should be lower than 65°C, and the temperature rise of the rolling bearing should be lower than 70°C.

c. The vibration is normal and the amplitude does not exceed the specifications required by the technical requirements.

4. The load test is completed and the empty load test is completed. The performance indicators of the pump meet the technical requirements and the load test can be performed.

The load test procedure is as follows.

a. Start the car and open the cooling water.

b, irrigation pump.

c, start the motor. Observe the pump outlet pressure, motor current, and operation.

d. Slowly open the pump outlet valve until normal flow.

e. Adjust the flow and pressure with a regulating valve or pump outlet valve.

The load test should meet the following requirements.

a. Smooth operation without noise, and the lubrication and cooling system is working properly.

b. The flow rate and pressure are stable, reaching the nameplate capacity or checking ability.

c. Under the rated head and flow, the motor current does not exceed the rated value.

d, the normal temperature of all parts.

e. Bearing vibration amplitude: The working speed is below 1500r/min, which should be less than 0.09mm; the working speed is below 3000r/min and should be less than 0.06mm.

f. There is no leakage at each joint and subsidiary pipeline.

g, shaft seal leakage loss should not exceed the following criteria, packing seal: general liquid, 20 drops / min; heavy oil, 10 drops / min; mechanical seal: general liquid, 10 drops / min; heavy oil, 5 drops / min.

5, acceptance and maintenance of quality in line with regulatory requirements, accurate and complete maintenance records, test is normal, according to the provisions of acceptance procedures, transfer of production.

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