The most detailed sweeper tire inflation note

The importance of sweeping car tires is comparable to that of the engine. If there is no wheel, the sweeping car is just a big iron. When the road sweeper vehicle is undergoing maintenance, there are some matters needing attention. How to properly inflate the road sweeper tire is also a major part.

1. When inflating a road sweeper tire, safety is of no importance. The pressure of the tires should be checked at any time with a barometer to avoid the explosion of the tires due to overinflation.

2. When the sweeper stops and stops, it is necessary to wait for the tires of the vehicle to be cooled before inflating, because the temperature of the tire will increase during the driving process, which will cause the air pressure to be too large.

3, in the inspection of the tire valve, if the valve core and the valve with the uneven, or the emergence of uneven and other defects, will be the amount of vehicle pressure and inflatable belt to a large inconvenient. ,  

4. When inflating, you should also pay attention to the surrounding sanitation. When you inflate, you must not be able to contain oil nights and moisture inside, so as to prevent damage to the inner tube rubber of the road sweeper.

5. When the sweeper vehicle is inflated, it must not be deflated after exceeding the standard, nor can it charge too much air for the long-term operation. If it exceeds the standard, it will make the curtain Excessive stretch of the wire leads to a reduction in strength, which greatly affects the service life of the tire.  

6. Before the road sweeper tires are inflated, the dust on the valve mouth should be wiped clean. Do not loosen the valve core. After filling the air, you need to use soap to soak the water and apply it on the valve. Carefully Under the inspection, if there is no leakage of the tire, tighten the valve cap tightly so that it can be well prevented from getting into the valve of the vehicle.

7. It is necessary to regularly calibrate the tire car and the barometer in order to ensure the accuracy of the vehicle's tire pressure.

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