New Energy Power Station intelligent control and operation and maintenance of key technologies through the identification

On May 14, the project of "R & D and Industrialization of Key Technologies for Intelligent Control and Operation of Large New Energy Power Plants" undertaken by China Electric Power Research Institute successfully passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Jiangsu Province. The appraisal committee believes that the project achievements have significantly improved the technical level of the control and operation of new energy power stations in China, achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and reached the international advanced level as a whole. The integrated power plant control and operation and maintenance framework proposed by the project, Electromechanical transient and long-term dynamic real-time simulation technology in a leading international level.

The new energy power generation has great volatility, randomness, poor immunity, difficult prediction, complicated control and protection, and prominent safety and stability issues for large-scale grid-connected operation. In addition to the large number of controlled objects, significant differences in operation status and complicated automation systems, Grid performance testing means lack of new energy power generation grid connection control system has encountered a huge bottleneck, restricting the full utilization of new energy generation and consumption, it is imperative to carry out new energy power generation control and operation and maintenance technology research, improve the new energy power station grid Adaptability and operational management level.

The project focuses on the intelligent control and operation and maintenance of key technologies of new energy generation and has carried out a great deal of research work on power plant automation, power control and system operation and maintenance management. The project proposes a complete solution for new energy generation monitoring, power control and operation and maintenance, and independently developed A large new energy station communication management system, active control system, reactive power control system, integrated monitoring system, remote monitoring and operation and maintenance management system, formed a large new energy plant intelligent control and operation and maintenance products, and more than 450 at home and abroad Seat wind farm / photovoltaic power station and more than 30 centralized control center applications, effectively enhance the adaptability of the new energy power station to the operation status of the power grid, give full play to the operation and regulation capability of the new energy power generation equipment and greatly improve the power generation efficiency of the new energy power station , With significant economic and social benefits.

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