How to quickly and correctly select the led explosion-proof lamp

1. Overview The inherent performance of led explosion-proof lamps is mainly reflected in the configuration of electrical appliances. However, many times, we all neglect the heat dissipation of led lamps, especially the heat dissipation of led explosion-proof lamps.

2, performance analysis led explosion-proof lamp shell temperature itself is the performance of the explosion-proof lamp assessment, because the explosion-proof lamp installation environment exists flammable gas, heating the shell surface itself is a source of danger. If the shell is too high, the entire temperature range of the lamp will be reduced and the range of use will be reduced. Therefore, led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers in the design of lamps and lanterns, will increase the cooling area, increase the weight of the radiator, which is led explosion-proof light than the average led light to heavy reasons.

3, market analysis led explosion-proof lamp market is now more chaotic, led explosion-proof lights can basically be divided into three categories. The first category is completely in accordance with national standards, from the explosion-proof structure to the temperature group, all meet the requirements, the nameplate is also realistic; the second type of explosion-proof structure to meet the national standards, but in order to reduce costs, save material, reduce the wall thickness, In this way, the temperature level is low, but if the customer needs, it will also be sold at a high temperature level; the third category is the explosion-proof structure, the temperature group does not meet the requirements, is completely unqualified products.

4, the selection method Here, we should know that there are two key items to choose led explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof structure and temperature group. But this is still difficult for many users. Because the explosion-proof structure is a more professional thing, you may be confused by several explanations of the sales staff; the temperature class is also, the shell heat dissipation, certainly beneficial to the light source, but how high the shell temperature is appropriate, do not know. Here is the easiest way to tell you that for the same power led explosion-proof lights, you to measure the weight of the radiator, the relative weight is generally good. Manufacturers who do poor quality explosion-proof lights are not willing to spend the cost on the radiator. This is a very simple and effective method, we do not know how to choose led explosion-proof lamp.

MC introduces advanced technology and improve the Mast Climbing Platform

the Mast Climbing could be used to :

Biulding ,Glass screen wall,brick building, wall decoration, Industrial Coatings,building renovation


Nonstandard building structure:

Chimney dismantle,hub interchange renovation, silo building maintenance,cooling tower building maintenance, bridge building and maintenance,hydropower plant construction 

MC construction platform/mast climbing works with the same driving principle with the Building Hoist. Its main parts can be interchanged with building hoist such as mast sections,rack, pinion, reducing device and so on.

And its width and length can be changed according to request. It is requisite equipment in construction job. Additionally ,it is  no need for foundation so that it is easy to change the working site.

Safety Features:

1. With overload

2. With balance device

3. Moving synchronize device(used in twin mast platform)

4. With anti-falling safety device( can install as client need)

5. With constant speed safety device, prevent platform sliding down overspeed

6. With hand-operation landing equipment, it can be landed by man when supply power cut off.

Mast Climbing

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