On the Significance of Highway Greening and Conservation

There are many phases of highway construction. Highway greening is an important part of highway construction. Today we talk about the importance of the maintenance of the highway afforestation team .


One: Improve pedestrian and driving safety

Many people think that greening is just a matter of reducing dust. In fact, this is only a superficial significance. During the turn of the road, we often see trees planted. This is actually to make the road information clearer when we are driving. The central partition is shaded for anti-glare purposes; the fence is cut near the fence. The value can indicate the location, and the side slope can be fixed slope protection, play a role in snow, wind and sand.

Two: beneficial to eye fatigue

By planting trees, it helps drivers to improve comfort and reduce long-term eye fatigue. Greening can also make the road and surrounding landscape more harmonious.

Three: protect the environment

There are many areas of greenery that can quickly restore the damaged vegetation along highway construction, which is more conducive to ecological balance. For planting vegetation on the roadbed, it is not only possible to fix the slope, but also to prevent soil erosion and reduce noise pollution.

Road greening and conservation can make the original stiff, monotonous road line shape colorful and colorful, creating many beautiful landscapes, so that pedestrians can also feel the role of vegetation in nature. The use of planting vegetation to expose green slopes on bare rock slopes will reduce the negative impact of newly built roads on the surrounding landscape, and enable natural and human landscape resources on both sides of the road to be organically combined and coordinated with the environment landscape, making the road structures subtly Integrate into the surrounding environment to provide users of road greening and maintenance with a pleasant, comfortable and harmonious driving environment, while preventing soil erosion within the highway range.

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