Whether the air intake system of the sprinkler leaks

How to check if there is any air leakage in the air intake system? An air flow meter can be used to measure the amount of air intake of the fuel injection system, as long as it is in the air flow meter after the intake pipe if there is a case of air leakage, then it will directly affect the intake air to measure Accurate, it will make the mixer thin. The occurrence of a relatively serious leak has directly caused the engine of the green sprinkler to fail to start. During the inspection process, it should be carefully observed whether the air intake hose at the rear of the air flow meter has ruptured, whether the clamps between each joint are loosened, and whether the resonant cavity is cracked. Whether the crankcase ventilation hose is connected or not. In addition, the recovery system for fuel evaporation and the exhaust gas will not be operated in the circulatory system when it is idling or is started. If it is due to other reasons, it will enter the operating state when it is started. Next, it will directly affect the start-up performance. If the exhaust is blocked in the circulation system pipeline or after the fuel evaporation recovery hose is blocked, the engine of the sprinkler will be started. If this happens, the engine can still start normally, which proves that the system is still If you have a fault, you should carefully check it again.

When performing the spark plug inspection of the green sprinkler , if the spark plug gap is too large, it will also affect the start-up performance. The standard gap of the Dongfeng 140 Green Sprinkler Spark Plug should be 0.8 mm. There are some relatively high-energy electronic systems. The gap of the spark plug will also be relatively large, reaching 1.2 mm. If the gap of the spark plug is too large, then it should be based on the use of its own sprinkler model to maintain the standard value of the manual above to make appropriate adjustments.

When the green sprinkler is inspecting the high-pressure sparks, it is necessary to check whether the high-pressure spark above the distributor's high-voltage bus is within the normal range. The green sprinkler also needs to check whether the high-pressure sparks of each cylinder are also normal. In the range. If the spark of the bus is too weak, then the high-voltage coil needs to be replaced. If the spark of the bus is normal and the spark of the sub-line has a broken fire and the spark is relatively weak, then it proves that the distributor cover or It is the case that there is a leakage of electricity in the distribution fire. It should be replaced immediately.

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