Air filter needs regular replacement, do you know?

The air filter element is an important protection component of the automobile engine. It can prevent the internal engine from entering the loss of the engine debris. The air filter element also needs maintenance. Many riders have neglected this problem and caused serious damage to the car. Here are some of the small series for the riders to sort out about the car air filter why it needs to be replaced regularly.

Air filter needs regular replacement, do you know?

Once I went to the countryside to check the motorcycle of a Moyou. He said that he had changed the igniter, changed the carburetor and the exhaust pipe, and the power and speed had not changed. Later, he found that his air filter and the household hood pipe were almost dirty. Any motorbike needs to be replaced with an air filter periodically during use. This will ensure the normal operation of the engine and reduce the wear of the machine.

Due to the large amount of suspended particles in the domestic air, it is easy to cause air filter plugging, and it is necessary to replace the air filter element early to ensure the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the air filter check every 4,000 km of maintenance.

Air filter needs regular replacement, do you know?

You must know that many users will remove the dirty air filter and use the high pressure air gun to blow off the dust and reuse it. This is actually the wrong way, because it will make the air filter slit become larger, resulting in The filtering effect is deteriorated, making foreign matter easy to be inhaled into the engine, increasing certain risks and causing greater damage.

The correct way to do this is to remove the air filter check at each maintenance and determine if it needs to be replaced depending on the dirty condition.

Although high-performance air filters provide re-cleanable air filters, air filters should be cleaned or replaced depending on individual usage due to differences in air quality and road conditions in each city. (To avoid accidents caused by incorrect operation, please wash or replace it at the store.)

Air filter needs regular replacement, do you know?

The above is some of the reasons why Xiaobian has sorted out some car accessories for car replacement. The riders have already understood, so it is necessary to fix the air filter to the car.

   the final products will be 40%-45%tyre oil(fuel oil), carbon blacks and  35% carbon blacks, and 10% steels  and another 5-10% recycling gas(CH4-C4H10).

the main process is that by heating the reactor directly, tyres will be pyrolysised into oil gas;

condensers or cooling pipes will cool the gas down into liquid oil with the help of recycling water;

then the rest gas which could not be cooled down into liquid oil will be recycled into reactor heating system; after oil gas coming out completely, stop heating the reactor, and cool down reactor below 70 degrees; then can open the door and discharge carbon black automatically...

there are models with capacities from 5tons to 20tons per batch

LN-2200-6000 capacity of 5-6ton 

LN-2200-6600 capacity of 7-8ton 

LN-2200-8000 capacity of 9-10ton 

LN-2600-6600 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2600-8000 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-6000 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2800-6600 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-8000 capacity of 15-20ton 

if cut into smaller pieces, it could process more.

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