What are the aspects of the quality of ordinary lathes?

The quality of ordinary lathes should be measured by two parts and five factors. One part is performance. Simply speaking, it is the ability of the lathe itself, including three elements of accuracy, rigidity, and technical level. Part of it is quality, which represents the satisfaction of users using the product, including reliability and stability. Rigidity refers to the ability of ordinary lathes to withstand loads and is proportional to cutting efficiency. High-rigidity lathes mean high efficiency. Note that the efficiency here refers to the volume of metal removed in a unit of time. Large cutting depths and slow walking speeds are not necessarily high, and small cutting depths are not necessarily efficient. High-rigidity lathes are not necessarily high-performance and do not represent high quality. Ordinary stability to the lathe refers to how long the lathe's accuracy, rigidity, and other physical capabilities are maintained, that is, the length of time the lathe performance is maintained, and is also a major indicator that affects the user's selection of the lathe. The technical level of ordinary lathes is relative. For example, ball screw technology was a cutting-edge technology twenty years ago, but now it is a conventional technology. Linear motor drives are high-tech, lathe technology is changing with each passing day, new technologies emerge in endlessly, and new technologies emerge. It often means high precision, high rigidity, or high quality. However, things are erratic, and it is very likely that a new technology will die. The reliability of the ordinary lathe refers to the ability or possibility of performing the specified function without failure under certain conditions within a certain period of time. The reliability of the lathe is basically equal to the low failure rate, and is the index most concerned by the user.


SKFJX Single-wheel lapping and polishing machines are versatile precision machines designed to produce lapping / polishing flat surfaces in high degree of flatness of and surface finish with absolute uniformity on all types of hard and soft materials.Best to suit high degree of Flatness & Surface Finish.  

SKFJX Single-wheel lapping and polishing machines are used for small to large size work pieces. Production of these parts can be achieved from small quantities to high volume production. All machines are equipped with digital control and monitoring electronics.


Working principle:

The conditioning rings or carriers locate in plate and also rotate freely

The parts kept freely inside conditioning rings or carriers with the surface to be lapped mating the Lapping Plate.

The sharp abrasive particles which are continuously fed on the machine plate get impregnated in the Lapping plate and cut the material from the parts surface and creates replica of the plates flatness on to the same.

DM1200 Single Side Lapping Machine

single side lapping machine

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