Can't lock the door? Car interesting news two or three things

Nowadays, cars have entered millions of households. Under such a deafening environment, some car owners’ knowledge has already accumulated. It is familiar to the topics we often talk to, but there are some “cold knowledge” you may not necessarily know. know!

★ Drive in the North Pole, the door must not be locked out

On an endless glacier, the uninhabited Arctic is actually home to another giant predator, the polar bear. There is a rule for driving here, and it is legal: You cannot lock the door. The reason is that the contradiction between humans and animals on the territories has been sharp since ancient times. On the Arctic continent, it is difficult for you to make it clear who is the one who first grabbed the land, but in extreme cases, you can do it with polar bears. Apart from escape, I am afraid that there is no other choice, if it happens to be near a car or a car, drill into the car and then walk away is obviously a relatively safe approach. So the North Pole stipulates that cars can't lock the doors. It's actually a way for people who might be exposed to polar bear attacks!

★At first, the expressway was a fighter runway

Until now, we have often seen that there are one or two straight, flat highways without barriers around many military airports around the world. From time to time, there will be fighter planes flying low from here. This is the significance of the existence of these expressways. Apart from allowing cars to pass, the more important point is that wartime is convenient for fighter aircraft to take off and land.

★ Car wiring length exceeds 900 meters

Just like the length of a blood vessel in a human body, the length of a car, regardless of its size, is equally unimaginable. The wiring connects the electrical equipment and computer monitoring equipment in various parts of the car, and when you operate a simple electrical equipment switch, the trigger signal will go nearly 900 meters in the car. This is the root cause of the serious consequences of auto-ignition.

Car history has evolved into what it is today after hundreds of years of development. It is believed that in the future, the development speed of automobile-related industries will be faster and faster, and the development prospects will be getting better and better!

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