Sliding line quality

The quality of the trolley line is related to the service life of the sliding line. Therefore, when selecting the trolley line, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the trolley line provided by the manufacturer. This article simply describes how to distinguish the quality of the trolley line. The quality of the trolley line itself affects the service life of the trolley line, as well as the normal operation of the trolley. This article simply introduces the quality of the unipolar trolley line.

1, PVC shell thickness. Generally speaking, the slide wire shell protects the conductors of the trolley wires, plays an insulating role, and plays the role of sun protection, moisture protection, rain and snow protection, and dust protection. The thickness of the housing of the trolley line is also a measure of the quality of the trolley line. If the casing of the trolley is relatively thin, the trolley line may be inadvertently damaged. At the same time, the safety performance will be greatly reduced.

2, conductor cross-sectional area, conductor thickness. It is clear that the larger the cross-sectional area of ​​the conductor is, the better is its heat dissipation; the thicker the conductor is, the stronger its conductivity is. When buying a trolley line, it is necessary to observe the cross-sectional area of ​​the trolley conductor, and also to observe the thickness of the conductor. Do not rule out that some manufacturers will pretend that the slip line with a small current flows into a slip line with a large current.

3, conductor aluminum alloy material quality and source. This factor is also the main factor determining the price of the trolley line. Aluminum alloy conductor materials are better and prices are higher, and vice versa. Take our company's trolley line as an example, the aluminum alloy conductor of the trolley wire produced by Hirohito Electric is made from the material of the Aluminum Group, and the material is definitely a good material.

4, the overall design. This item does not seem to play much of a role. In fact, it also occupies a certain share. The overall design of the trolley line is in line with most engineering environments. Moreover, the exterior design is conducive to the protection of the trolley line, and it also highlights the aesthetic point of view. This will increase the competitiveness of the product in the trolley market. The website design emphasizes on doing a good job of the user experience. Similarly, the slickline is also to make the overall design of the trolley line and improve the quality of the trolley line so that it can be based on the entire market for a long time.

5, on the choice of slip line collector Sliding line collector as a key component of power supply, how to choose the trolley line collector is particularly important, the choice of trolley line collector for a brief introduction. Slide wire collectors mainly include: boots, boot boxes, springs, current collector brackets, and current collector support Parts. Current collectors are divided into heavy current collectors and light current collectors. Light current collectors or heavy current collectors are selected according to the current of the trolley line. Generally, the trolley line current is less than or equal to 500 A. Light collectors can be used; It is necessary to use heavy-duty collectors. When using trolley wire collectors, the preferred current collector is preferably a manufacturer that considers matching the trolley wires. Do not use the collectors in a random manner. Otherwise, the normal operation of the trolley will be affected, and the slide wire will be severely burned. The shoe piece on the collector is made of copper-containing carbon. After the purchase, the anastomosis with the slide wire is checked. Because the current collector itself is a consumable product, the long-term use will wear out the shoe piece, so it is necessary to regularly check the degree of wear of the upper piece of the current collector and periodically replace it.

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