From 80km/h to 0km/h please give the truck a little more time

On the road, because the truck is heavy and the visibility from the side and behind is insufficient, we must keep a certain distance from the truck. However, there are always some friends who are very angry and the trucks are provocative. Even before going to the truck, don't truck. These actions are actually very dangerous. Why? We come to tell you about this mystery!

How hard is the truck's acceleration?

The truck's load is different, and the number of tires is different. In this situation, overloading may also be a relatively common situation. Therefore, the pressure on large trucks is also relatively large. The distance from 0km/h to 80km/h is usually 2-3km. So ah, the speeding up of the cart is more difficult and more laborious than the average vehicle.

Truck driving on highway

How hard is the truck brake?

There used to be a saying on the Internet that trucks were running into cars and that even if something went wrong, they would not brake. It is purely nonsense! The truck will brake, but the key problem is that it cannot stop the car! From 80km/h, completely stop, usually about 500 meters. In some cases, it may not be a big problem to hit you, but it is up to you and the problem will come!

How to get along with trucks peacefully?

Truck drivers generally look at the left side of the rearview mirror more than the right side, so it is best to pass over the left side when overtaking. Because trucks generally take high speeds and drive at the highest speed in the right-most lane, drivers are also accustomed to looking at the rear-view mirror on the left.

Rearview mirror

Second, truck drivers are generally prone to fatigue because driving trucks' fatigue and trolleys are not at all a level. Therefore, we must not be too tight with the carts. If something happens, the cart driver's response will not be quick! Therefore, the probability of accidents will increase greatly!

Accident scene

If you find that the truck suddenly brakes, you also quickly brake. If possible, change lanes. If the vehicle falls down, it will cause damage to your vehicle.

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