General knowledge about the use of smoke purifiers

The appearance of soot purifiers allows people to bid farewell to the era of oily smoke. Now people's kitchens are very clean and clean, and most of them are the functions of smoke purifiers. Using smoke purifiers is also a certain skill, we should understand the use of smoke purifiers, so that the fumes purifier work better.

First, the gas stove should be directly under the hood, the best effect of the fumes purification. Second, try not to install fume purifiers near doors and windows where air convection is strong, so as not to affect the fume purification effect. Third, when in use, the hood should normally be started 1-2 minutes before opening the gas stove. When starting, it is best to use the high-speed file to start, after the start, you can change the speed of the kitchen smoke according to the size of the kitchen. Fourth, in use, windows close to the hood should be closed tightly to open the door to prevent the formation of relatively large air convection and to be able to supplement the air in the kitchen. Fifth, the hood should continue to work for 3 minutes or longer after the gas stove is turned off to ensure that the room air is replaced once again. Sixth, the fume purifier should be installed directly above the center point of the gas cooker. The distance between the bottom plane and the gas cooker should be within the range of 650mm to 750mm. The outlet duct should not be too long. It is better not to exceed 2. Meter, and minimize bends, avoid multiple 90-degree bends, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke purifiers.

The fume purifier puts the concentration and the minimum removal efficiency of the fume purification equipment. Based on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, it is mainly used for the purification and treatment of low-emission fumes from the kitchen; it is used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants and schools, institutions, factories and other places; foods are fried, cooked and processed; oil splashes Heat treatment workshops, oil mist lubrication workshops, workpiece welding workshops, and olefin oil boilers and other industrial applications.

Hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants and schools, institutions, factories and other places; food frying, cooking any processing industry; oil splash heat treatment shop, oil mist lubrication shop, workpiece welding shop and the exhaust of industrial boilers and other industrial applications, need to be more Professional and more effective fume-removal equipment, Jiangsu Polijie has been dedicated to the purification of fumes in commercial kitchens and industrial premises for more than ten years.

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