Wei Meifang: Formulator of the national standard for the automotive vacuum pump industry

Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the industrial standard "Car Vacuum Pump Performance Requirements and Bench Test Methodology" drafted by the city's Jiangsu Meihua Machinery Co., Ltd. was formally implemented. The standard stipulates the performance requirements and gantry test methods of the vane vacuum pump used in automotive vacuum power-assisted braking systems. It applies to automotive wet vane vacuum pumps. As the saying goes, first-rate companies do standards. "Meihua Machinery has become the standard setter for the national automotive vacuum pump industry, making this small, medium-sized and micro-sized private enterprise step into the high end of the industry and mastering the industry's "speech right."

When the reporter saw Wei Meifang, the 55-year-old chairman of Jiangsu Meihua Machinery Co., Ltd. was wearing overalls and was working in a special machining center for automotive vacuum pumps at the new factory of Fenghuang Industrial Park in Yanling Town. the study. During the interview, the reporter learned that since the establishment of the company in 1999, Wei Meifang has spent most of the time in the laboratory of the workshop. From the sample processing and testing of each new product to the final mass production, he has to go through the whole process. Conduct technical checks. “We now fill the domestic gap in this automotive vacuum pump body-specific machining center, and the new process of vacuum pump body automated production line enables the production of a vacuum pump body to be reduced from the initial 12 processes to the current one.” The process did not happen overnight. The whole process was based on the gradual improvement of the product technology and it took four major process innovations to achieve.” said Wei Meifang.

“Bao Jianfeng was born out of grinding and plum blossom came from a bitter cold.” From working in agriculture to going out to work, to returning home to start a business, in Wei Meifang’s diary, he recorded the dreams of all stages of his life. He initially wanted to have a desk. From an office to his own factory, he achieved these dreams one by one. "Life has a dream, only after the pursuit, there will be hard work to pursue." He said that he returned home to start a business he accidentally came into contact with the automotive vacuum pump industry in 1999, he took the production of automotive vacuum pumps as his dream. "At that time, most of the automotive vacuum pumps used by domestic OEMs were imported from Japan and other countries. I wanted to be our country's own automotive vacuum pump. At that time, people around us laughed at me and said, "Don't dream, this product is too difficult to do." At the initial stage of the venture, with no funds, no technology, and no experience, Wei Meifang still led the two people to form a trio of small workshops to start researching and developing cars with the persistent study of technology and the spirit of "hard work and hard work." Vacuum pump. During the interview, he told reporters that an automotive vacuum pump consists of 24 parts, and each process requires a drawing. At that time, he got up on time at 5 am every morning, drawing pictures by hand until he went to work, then took drawings and went to the factory to make productions with his colleagues. At that time, Wei Meifang, a car vacuum pump product, had manually drawn more than 120 drawings. After the production of the product, Wei Meifang sent thousands of miles to the auto factory for trial, but each time the reply was unqualified. After experiencing numerous failures, his colleagues were a bit discouraged. The invited master also left, but Weimei Fang still did not give up, and spent all night and night studying product problems. After a full 11 months of research and development, hard work pays off, and the automotive vacuum pump developed by Wei Meifang and his colleagues has finally succeeded. In July 2000, he passed the test of an automobile factory. And his vacuum pump processing technology and one-way valve body declared a national patent and obtained authorization. Later, he set up his own company and began mass production of automotive vacuum pumps.

“Without ideologically conscious innovation, there is no continuous innovation of products; without continuous innovation of products, there will be no continuous development of enterprises.” As small workshops began to grow stronger, Wei Meifang did not satisfy the status quo and constantly devoted manpower and material resources. Strengthen the cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and continuously improve the products and processing technology. Whenever the dead of night, he still has to think about the company's future development. "I have found that the quality inspection of the domestic automotive vacuum pump industry has always been a blank, there is no industry standard, there is no testing agency. Therefore, the formulation of our country's own automotive vacuum pump industry standard has become my new dream." Wei Meifang said that in 2007, coincides with The National Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a document that private enterprises, regardless of their size, strength, and willingness to undertake revisions to industry standards, may apply for plans. “At that time our company was a real small and medium-sized micro enterprise. The annual output of automotive vacuum pumps was only tens of thousands of units. However, I was bold in applying for the report and was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2009 to be responsible for the formulation of industry standards. We established the standard drafting expert group and experienced lasting more than four years of unremitting efforts to finally achieve success.” Wei Meifang told reporters that since the implementation of the industry standards in March, there are now auto OEMs seeking to collaborate on their own initiative, 3 The monthly order volume increased by 50% from last December. “Now we have an annual output of 400,000 sets of automotive vacuum pumps. Our product varieties are as many as more than 280, and our domestic market share has reached more than 20%.

This year we started to develop two major categories of automotive vacuum pumps: gear drive and piston drive. He said, "My next dream is to spend another three years creating a state-of-the-art automotive vacuum pump testing center. We will continue to deepen our efforts in the field of automotive vacuum pumps. We will be dedicated, refined and strong." ”

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Automobile industry Solvent Recovery Machine

Automobile industry Solvent Recovery Machine