Sinopec Great Wall Nenghua acetylene retrofit project blue carbon drying system

Recently, the Sinopec Great Wall Chenghua Ningxia acetylene retrofit project Sinopec Changcheng's successful construction of the blue carbon drying system marked the transfer of the blue carbon drying system to the production-oriented feed preparation stage. The acetylene retrofit project was successful. Realize milestone milestone goals.

The blue carbon drying system has added a separate unit for the Great Wall Nenghua acetylene retrofit project. Since the start of construction on August 06, 2015, the project department has overcome the lag in design drawings, equipment and equipment used in many cases, and has many cross-operations with old equipment and winter construction. In addition to many unfavorable factors, in 142 days, the main frame poured 1525 cubic meters of concrete, steel structure production and installation of 335 tons, equipment installed 33 sets, building insulation 1869 square meters, cable laying 13,285 meters.

  • Processing: Cnc Machining, turning, milling, grinding, welding, jig boring, stamping, Die Casting, engraving, injection and more
  • Surface treatment: anodizing, polishing, powder coating, sandblast , zinc/nickel/chrome plating, brushing, passivation and more
  • Drawing format: CAD/PDF/DWG/IGS/STEP

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