Teach you to pull out the tires

The car was running on the road. Occasionally, the owner did not pay attention, and they ran over small iron plates, glass boxes and nails on the road. If you hear metal squeaking noises when the tires and the ground are rubbing during driving, metal foreign objects such as nails may be stuck on the tires and you need to stop and check.

If the tire's pattern is stuck in a large piece of stone. You can just take the screwdriver and pull it out, but if it's stuck in a nail, do you want to pull it out?

If you continue without driving, you will feel that the nails will get deeper and deeper and the tires will be destroyed. Pulled out also worried that the car tire quickly leaks, unable to drive to a nearby repair shop.

The most correct way is to find out that after the car tires are tied, stop the car and change the spare tire! But in many cases, we cannot change the spare tire in time. How do you measure the degree of danger after the tire is tied?

Do it yourself, simply measure the leak:

When the tires are tied, be sure to get off and check if there is soapy water (if not, saliva can be used instead). You can apply soapy water around the nails to see if any air bubbles are coming out. If bubbles come out, Prove that there is a leak, you need to immediately tire!

It's okay if it doesn't leak. Can it continue? Must not be!

When the car has nailed, there is no leak, but also to the maintenance shop to check, because the tires are vacuum tires, even if there is no loss at the time, there will be a long time, slow vaporization phenomenon, the owner must not make their own claims to pull out the nails, The correct way is to slowly drive the car to a nearby repair shop and remove the nail safely. If you do not take a nail to drive as usual, when running at high speed, it is prone to punctures and other safety hazards.

Leakage phenomenon is also divided into rapid leaks and slow vaporization. Fast leaks When the nails on the tires are removed and the tire leaks can be observed with the naked eye, they must be parked on site and wait for rescue. If you drive by forcibly at this time, not only will the entire tire be destroyed, but it may also threaten the safety of the owner.

If you are slow to spread gas, slow down and go to a nearby repair shop to handle it. Remember that you cannot drive fast at high speeds, nor can you drive for a long time.

to sum up:

1. After the tires are tied, no matter how fast you disperse the gas, the owner should not pull the nails by himself.

2. If the leak is serious, you must change the spare tire or wait for the rescue.

3, slowly spread gas, speed down to a nearby repair shop maintenance.

Remember not to drive fast for a long time, otherwise it will affect the driver's life safety.

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